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Vigo (Spain)

Hacker at Igalia since February 2009

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Xan López 19/05/2012

Do Not Track support in Epiphany

Twitter’s last Privacy Policy Update helpfully informs all users that they do now support the Do Not Track (DNT) browser setting, which aims to stop the collection of information at the user’s request (a collection which Twitter is actively...

Xan López 10/05/2012

Japan Freedom Hackers: Assemble!

Turns out I’ll get to spend the next two weeks in Tokyo, starting next Sunday. It will be third time I visit this weird and fascinating place, but I’m still excited to be there again. Some time ago, in another trip, I proposed anyone who might...

Xan López 08/05/2012

Summer of Code, Web 2012 vintage

This year’s Summer of Code has already started, and Epiphany has been lucky enough to get two students assigned. Let’s see who they are and what they’ll be working on. William Ting, Data Synchronization William is a last year student of...

Xan López 26/03/2012

Web. It’s what’s for dinner.

GNOME 3.4 is around the corner, and with it a new version of its little web browser that could. This is for sure one of the most action packed releases in a long time, so let’s do a recap of the last 6 months of development. New UI The most obvious...

Xan López 17/01/2012

Epiphany marches on

Previously in this space we saw how the bright future of Epiphany looked like, and vague promises about incremental steps towards it were done. A month later, Epiphany 3.3.4 is out there, so let’s see how well we’ve done. There’s a lot...


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Changeset [148665]: [GTK] When the WebProcess crashes, a signal should be emitted ...

[GTK] When the WebProcess crashes, a signal should be emitted ​https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=105180 Reviewed Carlos Garcia Campos. Emit a "web-process-crashed" signal when the WebProcess crashes. This is useful, for example, to show an...

Xan López18/04/2013

configure.ac: depend on libsoup 2.42.1

Fixes a giant memory leak.

Xan López16/04/2013

ephy-encoding-dialog: use the right signal to track load status

There's no notify::load-status in WebKit2

Xan López26/03/2013

ephy-web-view: restore zoom level on load started

This seems to work much better, although it makes the zoom level be wrong when *leaving pages* in some cases. Still, an improvement, so let's do this for now. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=693951

Xan López25/03/2013