Xan López

Vigo (Spain)

Hacker at Igalia since February 2009

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Xan López 25/03/2013

Web 3.8: the peace dividends release

I’m very happy about this release. Thanks to hard choices that we dared to make in the past we are now breaking new ground and giving GNOME the tools to be the premier free software operating system. It’s been a long way since I spent an...

Xan López 13/12/2012

2012 WebKitGTK+ hackfest

After four years we all know the hackfest is wearing and interesting at the same time, long hacking days is the rule here. This year we got people attending from more companies and different parts of the world than ever.

Xan López 03/10/2012

On advertisement and international traveling

AdBlock, integrated For a long time our adblock story was a bit underwhelming. We had an extension to do the job, but it was buggy and it would often either not block what it had to block or block just way too much (like, the entire page). So in the last...

Xan López 11/09/2012

We are almost there: Web in 3.6.0

It’s that time of the year again where we have a look at what happened in the project in the last 6 months. In mere weeks it will be released with the shiny GNOME 3.6 (best.release.ever), but since release notes don’t write themselves...

Xan López 28/07/2012

Next on GUADEC

GUADEC has been going on for a few days already, but it is far from over. This is a short post to make some noise about some upcoming BoFs & hackfests that might not receive as much publicity as the rest of the stuff, being outside of the...


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Changeset [148665]: [GTK] When the WebProcess crashes, a signal should be emitted ...

[GTK] When the WebProcess crashes, a signal should be emitted ​https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=105180 Reviewed Carlos Garcia Campos. Emit a "web-process-crashed" signal when the WebProcess crashes. This is useful, for example, to show an...

Xan López18/04/2013

configure.ac: depend on libsoup 2.42.1

Fixes a giant memory leak.

Xan López16/04/2013

ephy-encoding-dialog: use the right signal to track load status

There's no notify::load-status in WebKit2

Xan López26/03/2013

ephy-web-view: restore zoom level on load started

This seems to work much better, although it makes the zoom level be wrong when *leaving pages* in some cases. Still, an improvement, so let's do this for now. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=693951

Xan López25/03/2013