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Mexico City (Mexico)

Igalian, imported from Mexico, since April 2008.

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Víctor Jáquez 07/12/2017

Enabling HuC for SKL/KBL in Debian/testing

Recently, our friend Florent complained that it was impossible to set a constant bitrate when encoding H.264 using low-power profile with gstreamer-vaapi . Low-power (LP) profiles are VA-API entry points, available in Intel SkyLake-based procesor and...

Víctor Jáquez 24/11/2017

Intel MediaSDK on Debian (testing)

Everybody knows it: install Intel MediaSDK in GNU/Linux is a PITA. With CentOS or Yocto is less cumbersome, if you trust blindly on scripts ran as root. I don’t like CentOS, I feel it like if I were living in the past. I like Debian (testing, of...

Víctor Jáquez 30/10/2017

GStreamer Conference 2017

This year, the GStreamer Conference happened in Prague, along with the traditional autumn Hackfest. Prague is a beautiful city, though this year I couldn’t visit it as much as I wanted, since the Embedded Linux Conference Europe and the Open Source...

Víctor Jáquez 30/05/2017

GstSpringHackfest2017: a quick report

Two weeks ago was the GStreamer Spring Hackfest 2017 and I am very happy about how it went. I have the feeling that most of the attendees had a good time, and made some progress in their projects. I want to thank all the people that participated, in some...

Víctor Jáquez 09/05/2017

GStreamer Spring Hackfest 2017 & GStreamer 1.12

Greetings earthlings! Two things: One GStreamer 1.12 is out! And with it, gstreamer-vaapi. Among other new features and improvements we have: GstVaapiDisplay now inherits from GstObject, thus the VA display logging messages are better and tracing the...


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kms: include stdlib.h

drm.h does not include all what it needs to compile, in particular stdlib.h which defines size_t

Víctor Jáquez23/11/2016

videooverlaycomposition: document required map flags

Fix documentation for gst_video_overlay_composition_blend(). The video frame needs to be mapped with GST_MAP_READWRITE flag. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=771382

Víctor Jáquez14/09/2016

kmssink: update libdrm dependency to 2.4.55

The latest libdrm feature supported by kmssink is the universal plane, which was added in 2.4.55. Let's update the dependency to that version. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=770146

Víctor Jáquez13/09/2016

vaapipostproc: check ANY caps at transform_caps()

vaapipostproc: check ANY caps at transform_caps() When transforming downstream caps we should check for ANY caps from peer pad, otherwise we get a segmentation fault. Signed-off-by: Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal...

Víctor Jáquez12/07/2016

vaapisink: ignore frame if its upload failed

vaapisink: ignore frame if its upload failed When gst_vaapi_plugin_base_get_input_buffer() fail to copy the input buffer into a VAAPI buffer, the return value is GST_FLOW_NOT_SUPPORTED, and it was ignored by the vaapisink, leading to a segmentation...

Víctor Jáquez12/07/2016