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Igalian, imported from Mexico, since April 2008.

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Víctor Jáquez 16/01/2019

Rust bindings for GStreamerGL: Memoirs

Rust is a great programming language but the community around it’s just amazing. Those are the ingredients for the craft of useful software tools, just like Servo, an experimental browser engine designed for tasks isolation and high parallelization....

Víctor Jáquez 23/11/2018

Building gst-msdk with MediaSDK opensource

I tried, several months ago, the open source version of Intel MediaSDK and it was a complete mess. In order to review some patches for gst-msdk I tried it again. I am surprised how the situation has improved since then. Install dependencies $ sudo apt get...

Víctor Jáquez 17/04/2018

How to setup a gst-build environment with Intel’s VA-API stack

gst-build is far superior than gst-uninstalled scripts for developing GStreamer, mainly because its meson and ninja usage. Nonetheless, to integrate external dependencies it is not as easy as in gst-uninstalled. This guide aims to show how to integrate...

Víctor Jáquez 28/03/2018

GStreamer VA-API Troubleshooting

GStreamer VA-API is not a trivial piece of software. Even though, in my opinion it is a bit over-engineered, the complexity relies on its layered architecture: the user must troubleshoot in which layer is the failure. So, bear in mind this architecture:...

Víctor Jáquez 27/03/2018

GStreamer VA-API 1.14: what’s new?

As you may already know, there is a new release of GStreamer, 1.14. In this blog post we will talk about the new features and improvements of GStreamer VA-API module, though you have a more comprehensive list of changes in the release notes. Most of the...


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msdk: don't declare headers in meson

This partially reverts commit 0bae64835302574953c3e5e89fa0822eb4f6ca4b. The compiler tells ninja the header dependency, then there is no need to add them explicity.

Víctor Jáquez23/11/2018

msdk: add support for open sourced MediaSDK

MediaSDK has been released as open source [1], but the directories where it installs its files, are different from the binary only distribution. This patch adds to the libraries path the directory /lib. Also it is defined in meson if the include...

Víctor Jáquez22/11/2018

gl: libs: glib might not define G_HAVE_ISO_VARARGS

This will fix the compiler warning "G_HAVE_ISO_VARARGS" is not defined, evaluates to 0 [-Wundef]

Víctor Jáquez22/11/2018

compositor: Fix enum type mismatch

The variable blend_mode is GstCompositorBlendMode but it is assigned to a GstCompositorOperator enum value.

Víctor Jáquez31/10/2018