Samuel Iglesias

Grado (Spain), 1985

Joined Igalia in April 2012

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Samuel Iglesias 09/01/2017

Vulkan's Float64 capability support on ANV driver landed!

Since beginning last year, our team at Igalia has been involved in enabling ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 extension to different Intel generations: first Broadwell and later, then Haswell, now IvyBridge (still under review); so working on supporting Vulkan’s...

Samuel Iglesias 25/09/2015

ARB_program_interface_query and shader_runner

Lately I have worked on ARB_shader_storage_buffer_object  extension implementation on Mesa, along with Iago (who has already explained how we implement it). One of the features we implemented was adding support for buffer variables to the queries defined...

Samuel Iglesias 12/06/2015

piglit (V): how to contribute to piglit and table of contents

Last post and the one before were about how to create your own piglit tests. Previously, I have written an introduction to piglit and how to launch a tailored piglit run (more details about these last two topics in my FOSDEM 2015 talk). Now it’s...

Samuel Iglesias 11/06/2015

piglit (IV): How to write binary test programs

Last post I talked about how to develop GLSL shader tests and how to add them to piglit. This is a nice way to develop simple tests but sometimes you need to do something more complex. For that case, piglit can run binary test programs. Introduction...

Samuel Iglesias 29/05/2015

piglit (III): How to write GLSL shader tests

In earlier posts I talked about how to install piglit on your system and run the first time and how to tailor your piglit run. I have given a talk in FOSDEM 2015 about how to test your OpenGL drivers using Free Software where I explained how to run...


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nir: rename lower_flrp to lower_flrp32

A later patch will add lower_flrp64 option to NIR. Signed-off-by: Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez Reviewed-by: Jason Ekstrand

Samuel Iglesias28/04/2016

main: fix GL_MAX_NUM_ACTIVE_VARIABLES value for shader storage blocks

The maximum number of active variables for shader storage blocks should take into account the specific rules for shader storage blocks, i.e. for an active shader storage block member declared as an array, an entry will be generated only for the first...

Samuel Iglesias27/10/2015

glsl: fix segfault when indirect indexing a buffer variable which is an array

Fixes a regression added by bb5aeb854915ba67abc56257f830d002c956439e. Signed-off-by: Samuel Iglesias Gonsalvez Reviewed-by: Timothy Arceri

Samuel Iglesias19/10/2015

glsl: fix check SSBOs support for builtin functions

has_shader_storage_buffer_objects() returns true also if the OpenGL context is 4.30 or ES 3.1. Previously, we were saying that all atomic*() GLSL builtin functions for SSBOs were not available when OpenGL ES 3.1 context was in use. Fixes 48...

Samuel Iglesias16/10/2015

i965/blorp: round to nearest when converting float into integer

Signed-off-by: Samuel Iglesias Gonsalvez Reviewed-by: Matt Turner

Samuel Iglesias24/02/2015