Philippe Normand

Morlaix, Brittany (France), 1981

Working at Igalia since September 2009.

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Awesome #gstreamer release announce by @sdroege_ at 11:43 Jun 6th 2013 by Philippe Normand

Philippe Normand 15/12/2012

WebKitGTK+ Hackfest, 2012 edition

There has been some media coverage of the hackfest already so I'll just focus on one area, Multimedia! I think this fourth edition of the event was the first with so many hackers focusing on Multimedia: Xabier and Zan worked on the media controls and...


A new #webkit planet at 18:39 Apr 23rd 2013 by Philippe Normand

Philippe Normand 19/10/2012

WebAudio support in WebKitGTK+: the demo

In a previous post I was explaining how the WebAudio GStreamer backend is implemented in WebKit. What was missing was a nice screencast demonstrating the feature in Epiphany. Thankfully the valiant Mario Sanchez took up the challenge and the result...


Víctor blogs about the latest #gstreamer hackfest. #igalia at 12:25 Apr 9th 2013 by Philippe Normand


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Changeset [207531]: WebRTC: [GTK] Update jhbuild environment for OpenWebRTC ...

2 edits8 adds in trunk/Tools WebRTC: [GTK] Update jhbuild environment for OpenWebRTC ​ Reviewed by Michael Catanzaro. Bring back the openwebrtc JHBuild moduleset in the time being. It should be removed...

Philippe Normand19/10/2016

Changeset [206905]: [GTK] Docs build failure ...

2 edits in trunk/Tools [GTK] Docs build failure ​ Reviewed by Carlos Garcia Campos. gtk/jhbuild.modules: Bump to gtk-doc 1.25 to fix build errors on Debian Testing.

Philippe Normand07/10/2016

Changeset [206866]: [GStreamer][OWR] GL rendering support ...

6 edits in trunk [GStreamer][OWR] GL rendering support ​ Reviewed by Žan Doberšek. When GStreamer-GL is enabled the GL context needs to be properly passed to the GStreamer pipeline running within the...

Philippe Normand06/10/2016

Changeset [206204]: [OpenWebRTC] Miscellaneous fixes ...

3 edits in trunk/Source/WebCore [OpenWebRTC] Miscellaneous fixes ​ Reviewed by Alejandro G....

Philippe Normand21/09/2016

srtpenc: prevent deadlock in create_session

Temporarily release the object lock which is needed to post error messages on the bus.

Philippe Normand06/09/2016