Philippe Normand

Morlaix, Brittany (France), 1981

Working at Igalia since September 2009.

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Awesome #gstreamer release announce by @sdroege_ at 11:43 Jun 6th 2013 by Philippe Normand

Philippe Normand 15/12/2012

WebKitGTK+ Hackfest, 2012 edition

There has been some media coverage of the hackfest already so I'll just focus on one area, Multimedia! I think this fourth edition of the event was the first with so many hackers focusing on Multimedia: Xabier and Zan worked on the media controls and...


A new #webkit planet at 18:39 Apr 23rd 2013 by Philippe Normand

Philippe Normand 19/10/2012

WebAudio support in WebKitGTK+: the demo

In a previous post I was explaining how the WebAudio GStreamer backend is implemented in WebKit. What was missing was a nice screencast demonstrating the feature in Epiphany. Thankfully the valiant Mario Sanchez took up the challenge and the result...


Víctor blogs about the latest #gstreamer hackfest. #igalia at 12:25 Apr 9th 2013 by Philippe Normand


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Changeset [209125]: [WebRTC][OpenWebRTC] Temporary device selection support ...

2 edits in trunk/Source/WebCore [WebRTC][OpenWebRTC] Temporary device selection support ​ Reviewed by Alejandro G. Castro. Make sure the player handles only one audio and video track at most for now....

Philippe Normand30/11/2016

mssdemux: fix meson build

Follow-up of 73721ad4e9e2d32e1c8b6a3b4aaa98401530e58a. Forgot to add the fragment parser in the meson build file.

Philippe Normand29/11/2016

mssdemux: improved live playback support

When a MSS server hosts a live stream the fragments listed in the manifest usually don't have accurate timestamps and duration, except for the first fragment, which additionally stores timing information for the few upcoming fragments. In this scenario...

Philippe Normand29/11/2016

Changeset [208944]: [WebRTC][OpenWebRTC] parse turns urls ...

2 edits in trunk/Source/WebCore [WebRTC][OpenWebRTC] parse turns urls ​ Reviewed by Alejandro G....

Philippe Normand21/11/2016

Changeset [208943]: [Gstreamer] Add volume and mute support to the WebRTC mediaplayer ...

3 edits in trunk/Source/WebCore [Gstreamer] Add volume and mute support to the WebRTC mediaplayer ​ Reviewed by Darin...

Philippe Normand21/11/2016