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Software engineer, Free Software & Open Source advocate, photography aficionado, music lover and runner.

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Mario Sánchez Prada 29/01/2019

Working on the Chromium Servicification Project

It’s been a few months already since I (re)joined Igalia as part of its Chromium team and I couldn’t be happier about it: right since the very first day, I felt perfectly integrated as part of the team that I’d be part of and quickly...

Mario Sánchez Prada 14/09/2012

WebKitGTK+ 1.10 is almost here!

As you might already know, the new and shiny 3.6 release of the GNOME desktop is right behind the corner, and so it’s the next release of WebKitGTK+, the port of the WebKit web rendering engine to the GTK+ platform. … Continue reading →

Mario Sánchez Prada 24/08/2012

I’ve been thinking for some time already of moving my six years old blog to a more personal domain, and turns out I did it last week moved by the fact that I already had to mess with web development, … Continue reading →

Mario Sánchez Prada 20/07/2012

GUADEC, WebKit and bikes

It seems this year GUADEC is going to be pretty close to my place and so I will surely attend, but this time I won’t go by plane but by bike, which since some months ago has become my main vehicle for moving around the beautiful city where I live...

Mario Sánchez Prada 01/06/2012

WebKit Watcher 0.2 released

Some time ago I wrote a (very!) small android application to scratch an itch I had: being able to easily check the status of WebKit buildbots right from my phone, which turned out to be quite useful in some scenarios. And no, I’m not the kind of guy...


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Use GtkSettings 'gtk-xft-dpi' property to keep track of DPI changes

Use that property to find the screen's resolution for font handling instead of gdk_screen_get_resolution(), and also connect a callback to notify::gtk-xft-dpi so that we can update the font size when the DPI value changes for the screen, and not just on...

Mario Sánchez Prada18/03/2015

Changeset [139441]: Unreviewed. Update my e-mail addresses. * ...

Unreviewed. Update my e-mail addresses. Scripts/webkitpy/common/config/

Mario Sánchez Prada11/01/2013

Changeset [139207]: [GTK] Raise version of gdk-pixbuf in jhbuild up to 2.26.5 ...

[GTK] Raise version of gdk-pixbuf in jhbuild up to 2.26.5 ​ Reviewed by Martin Robinson. Current version in jhbuild.modules (2.26.0) is giving trouble to when trying to build WebKitGTK from scratch,...

Mario Sánchez Prada09/01/2013

Changeset [137450]: [GTK][WK2] New API to detect display/execution of insecure content ...

[GTK][WK2] New API to detect display/execution of insecure content ​ Reviewed by Martin Robinson. Source/WebKit2: Added new API and documentation for detecting insecure content. Implemented needed...

Mario Sánchez Prada12/12/2012

Add missing NULL-check when getting the WebView's URI

We need to check the URI is valid before asking the WebKitFaviconDatabase for the associated icon, since it must happen that it's NULL even if priv->address is not (e.g. after a load error has occurred).

Mario Sánchez Prada10/12/2012