Martin Robinson

Michigan (USA), 1983

I'm a software developer working on WebKitGTK+.

Latest Updates

Martin Robinson 24/02/2013

Edge-distance anti-aliasing

(You might want to go straight to the demo) Some months ago, I noticed that the Chromium compositor, the code which powers Chromium’s accelerated compositing implementation (and also Aura!) was anti-aliasing layer edges. This was especially...

Martin Robinson 07/07/2012

Accelerated compositing update

I believe it's past time to break the silence here, so what follows is a short update on the progress we've made at Igalia toward 3D CSS transforms and hardware accelerated animation in WebKitGTK+ (otherwise known as accelerated compositing). I'm happy to...

Martin Robinson 08/12/2011

WebKitGTK+ hackfest wrapup: accelerated compositing

I just returned from this year's WebKitGTK+ hackfest. Not only was it the mostproductive hackfest to date, the diversityof the people involved was incredible. Attendees included hackers from Igalia, Collabora, RedHatand Motorola. It's great to be...

Martin Robinson 24/09/2011

For some years now, I've been meaning to build a bicycle. Because I balked at the idea of owning more than one, I never did. Recently my unrestrained minimalism was given a reprieve in the form of cascading, terminal bicycle theft.For five years, I've...

Martin Robinson 13/03/2011

Faster Shadows

One area we paid particular attention last year at Igalia was the performance of shadow rendering in web content. While web shadows are not yet ubiquitous, a slow shadow implementation can cause poor scrolling and redraw performance, ruining your day like...


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Do not create stacking contexts for text fragments

Do not create stacking contexts for text fragments Without this change, each text fragment in a block that establishes a stacking context will establish its own stacking context. This is unnecessary and increases the amount of work done during display...

Martin Robinson02/06/2016

WebRender no longer needs StackingLevel information

WebRender no longer needs StackingLevel information Since the display list is already sorted before it is passed to WebRender, we don't need to pass the stacking level information any longer. Update webrender, webrender_traits, and gleam.

Martin Robinson19/04/2016

Do not run WPT tidy on pyc files

Do not run WPT tidy on pyc files Generalize the mechanism for skipping file patterns and use it for generating the list of WPT files to lint. Add *.pyc to the list of file patterns to skip.

Martin Robinson11/03/2016

Simplify the display list slightly

Simplify the display list slightly Now that WebRender uses an Iframe display item, we do not need the Noop item for the non-WebRender path. We can simply reuse the Iframe display item. Also remove the layer_id member from the LayeredItem struct, as it...

Martin Robinson11/03/2016

Flatten display list structure

Flatten display list structure Instead of producing a tree of stacking contexts, display list generation now produces a flat list of display items and a tree of stacking contexts. This will eventually allow display list construction to produce and...

Martin Robinson02/03/2016