Manuel Rego

Baiona (Spain)

Free software developer. Working in Igalia since April 2007. Co-owner of the company.

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Manuel Rego 15/09/2016

TPAC, Web Engines Hackfest & Igalia 15th anniversary on the horizon

W3C’s TPAC Next week I’ll be in Lisbon attending TPAC. This is the annual conference organized by the W3C where all the different groups meet face to face during one week. It seems a huge event where you can meet lots of important people working on...

Manuel Rego 21/06/2016

My BlinkOn 6 Summary: Grid Layout, Houdini & MathML

Igalia could not miss the chance to participate in a new European edition of BlinkOn. So past week my colleague Dape and I were attending BlinkOn 6 in Munich. In this post I’d do a personal summary about the main conference highlights. Status of CSS...

Manuel Rego 27/05/2016

CSS Grid Layout and positioned items

As part of the work done by Igalia in the CSS Grid Layout implementation on Chromium/Blink and Safari/WebKit, we’ve been implementing the support for positioned items. Yeah, absolute positioning inside a grid.

Manuel Rego 25/02/2016

Igalia Coding Experience on Web Engines

In Igalia we’re looking for people to join the Igalia Coding Experience program. Basically we’re opening positions for internships in different fields related to some of our teams like multimedia, compilers, networking or web platform. The main...

Manuel Rego 18/02/2016

CSS Grid Layout from the inside out (HTML5DevConf 2015)

As I announced in a previous blog post I was attending HTML5DevConf past October, where I gave a talk about CSS Grid Layout. The video of my talk is now online, so I thought it would be a good moment to remember the days in sunny San Francisco. My...


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[selectors4] Remove :focus-within test that is now duplicated

[selectors4] Remove :focus-within test that is now duplicated This patch removes the following test: fast/selectors/focus-within-display-none.html The test was upstreamed into the WPT repository and it's imported as: ...

Manuel Rego15/05/2017

[selectors4] :focus-within test when iframe loses focus

[selectors4] :focus-within test when iframe loses focus This test should be part of but at that time I didn't find the way to focus/unfocus an iframe. The solution was to use internals.setFocused() for...

Manuel Rego15/05/2017

[selectors4] Ship ":focus-within" pseudo-class

[selectors4] Ship ":focus-within" pseudo-class Intent-to-ship:!topic/blink-dev/V3RNBhQelSg BUG=617371 Review-Url: Cr-Commit-Position:...

Manuel Rego27/04/2017

[selectors4] Use common ancestor strategy for :focus-within

[selectors4] Use common ancestor strategy for :focus-within Following the same approach than what we do for :active and :hover pseudo-classes, it seems a nice optimization to use the common ancestor strategy for :focus-within too. The use case would...

Manuel Rego25/04/2017

Remove unneeded variable in Document::SetFocusedElement()

Remove unneeded variable in Document::SetFocusedElement() Review-Url: Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#466301} Committed:...

Manuel Rego21/04/2017