Manuel Rego

Baiona (Spain)

Free software developer. Working in Igalia since April 2007. Co-owner of the company.

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Manuel Rego 21/10/2018

Igalia at TPAC 2018

Just a quick update before boarding to Lyon for TPAC 2018. This year 12 igalians will be at TPAC, 10 employees (Álex García Castro, Daniel Ehrenberg, Javier Fernández, Joanmarie Diggs, Martin Robinson, Rob Buis, Sergio Villar, Thibault Saunier and...

Manuel Rego 10/10/2018

Web Engines Hackfest 2018

One year more and a new edition of the Web Engines Hackfest was arranged by Igalia. This time it was the tenth edition, the first five ones using the WebKitGTK+ Hackfest name and another five editions with the new broader name Web Engines Hackfest. A...

Manuel Rego 10/08/2018

Changes on CSS Grid Layout in percentages and indefinite height

This is a blog post about a change of behavior on CSS Grid Layout related to percentage row tracks and gutters in grid containers with indefinite height. Igalia has just implemented the change in Chromium and WebKit, which can affect some websites out...

Manuel Rego 08/08/2018

CSS Logical Properties and Values in Chromium and WebKit

Since the beginning of the web we have been used to deal with physical CSS properties for different features, for example we all know how to set a margin in an element using margin-left, margin-right, margin-top and/or margin-bottom. But with the...

Manuel Rego 16/04/2018

CSSWG F2F Berlin 2018

Last week I was in Berlin for the CSS Working Group (CSSWG) face-to-face meeting representing Igalia, member of the CSSWG since last year. Igalia has been working on the open web platform for many years, where we help our customers with the implementation...


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NOT FOR LANDING: Just a test to check Mac rendering

NOT FOR LANDING: Just a test to check Mac rendering This was just a CL to verify the problem that has been reported as

Manuel Rego03/04/2017

[selectors-4] Import more tests from W3C repository

[selectors-4] Import more tests from W3C repository On the first import we forgot to import the tests from Mozilla. From the new imported tests only 1 is passing right now. Again the other miss :dir ( and :focus-within...

Manuel Rego28/03/2017

[selectors-4] Import W3C Test Suite

[selectors-4] Import W3C Test Suite This patch imports "selectors-4" test suite from W3C csswg-test repo: Only 2 tests are passing right now. Other fail because of the psuedo-classes...

Manuel Rego24/03/2017

Changeset [214222]: [Planet WebKit] Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for Igalia blog Unreviewed ...

2 edits in trunk/Websites/ [Planet WebKit] Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for Igalia blog Unreviewed patch just updating the Igalia WebKit blog configuration. config.ini:

Manuel Rego21/03/2017

[css-grid] Fix crash removing positioned grid item

[css-grid] Fix crash removing positioned grid item When we add or remove a positioned item we don't need to mark the grid as dirty, because positioned items do not affect the layout of the grid at all. This was causing a crash when a positioned...

Manuel Rego16/03/2017