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Michael Catanzaro 09/08/2017

On Firefox Sync

Epiphany 3.26 is, unfortunately, not going to be packed with cool new features like 3.24 was. We’ve just been too busy working on improving WebKit this cycle. But there is one cool new thing: Firefox Sync support. You can sync bookmarks, history,...

Michael Catanzaro 06/08/2017

Endgame for WebKit Woes

In my original blog post On WebKit Security Updates, I identified three separate problems affecting WebKit users on Linux: Distributions were not providing updates for WebKitGTK+. This was the main focus of that post. Distributions were shipping a...

Michael Catanzaro 06/08/2017

Modifying hidden settings in Epiphany 3.24

We’re just one short month away from releasing Epiphany 3.26, but this is not a post about that. Turns out there is some confusion about how to edit hidden settings in Epiphany 3.24. Many users previously relied on the dconf-editor tool to tweak...

Michael Catanzaro 15/06/2017

Debian Stretch ships latest WebKitGTK+

I’ll keep this update short. Debian has decided to ship the latest version of WebKitGTK+, 2.16.3, in its upcoming Stretch release. Since Debian was the last major distribution holding out on providing WebKit security updates, this is a big deal....

Michael Catanzaro 15/04/2017

More On Private Internet Access

A few quick follow-up thoughts from my original review. First, problems I haven’t solved yet: I forgot an important problem in my first blog: email. Evolution is borderline unusable with PIA. My personal GMail account usually works reliably, but...


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session: Fix crash when JS opens an invalid URI


Michael Catanzaro23/05/2018

Fix overview thumbnails not appearing after Ctrl+T

OverviewItem.thumbnailPath always returns null because the double quote characters are missing. Fix it.

Michael Catanzaro23/05/2018

Try to give access to notifications

It'd be better to fix WebKit to use the notifications portal instead, but got to start somewhere.

Michael Catanzaro22/05/2018

Changeset in webkit [232062]: Unreviewed, rolling out r231843. Broke cross build Reverted ...

9 edits in trunk Unreviewed, rolling out r231843. Broke cross build Reverted changeset: "[CMake] Properly detect compiler flags, needed libs, and fallbacks for usage of 64-bit atomic...

Michael Catanzaro22/05/2018