Michael Catanzaro

North Carolina (USA), 1992

Igalian since 2015.

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Michael Catanzaro 26/09/2016

Epiphany Icon Refresh

We have a nice new app icon for Epiphany 3.24, thanks to Jakub Steiner: Wow pretty! The old icon was not actually specific to Epiphany, but was taken from the system, so it could be totally different depending on your icon theme. Here’s the icon...

Michael Catanzaro 19/09/2016

Epiphany 3.22 (and a couple new stable releases too!)

It’s that time of year again! A new major release of Epiphany is out now, representing another six months of incremental progress. That’s a fancy way of saying that not too much has changed (so how did this blog post get so...

Michael Catanzaro 18/09/2016

A WebKit Update for Ubuntu

I’m pleased to learn that Ubuntu has just updated WebKitGTK+ from 2.10.9 to 2.12.5 in Ubuntu 16.04. To my knowledge, this is the first time Ubuntu has released a major WebKit update. It includes fixes for 16 security vulnerabilities detailed in...

Michael Catanzaro 31/03/2016

Positive progress on WebKitGTK+ security updates

I previously reported that, although WebKitGTK+ releases regular upstream security updates, most Linux distributions are not taking the updates. At the time, only Arch Linux and Fedora were reliably releasing our security updates. So I’m quite...

Michael Catanzaro 31/03/2016

Epiphany 3.20

So, what’s new in Epiphany 3.20? First off: overlay scrollbars. Because web sites have the ability to style their scrollbars (which you’ve probably noticed on Google sites), WebKit embedders cannot use a normal GtkScrolledWindow to display...


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Revert "Update POTFILES.in"

This reverts commit d7fe992423337fc842080520f9f14fc6212276a6. Committed careless debugging

Michael Catanzaro17/01/2017

bookmarks-manager: Fix bookmark removal not working properly

The list model never removes the bookmark right away, it's not being removed until the second time this signal is emitted after the removal, because we are performing the operations in the wrong order. This signal is named "bookmark-removed", not...

Michael Catanzaro17/01/2017

Update POTFILES.in

Why is it impossible to remember to do this? It's like a curse....

Michael Catanzaro17/01/2017

Revert "Remove unused libnotify dependency"

This reverts commit 458d1b66d3a853e13328e58fa9d3672e6ea8272c. Clean build is failing, not sure why....

Michael Catanzaro17/01/2017