Michael Catanzaro

USA, 1992

Igalian since 2015.

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Michael Catanzaro 24/03/2017

A Web Browser for Awesome People (Epiphany 3.24)

Are you using a sad web browser that integrates poorly with GNOME or elementary OS? Was your sad browser’s GNOME integration theme broken for most of the past year? Does that make you feel sad? Do you wish you were using an awesome web browser that...

Michael Catanzaro 20/02/2017

On Problems with Vala

If you’re going to be writing a new application based on GNOME technologies and targeting the GNOME ecosystem, then you should seriously consider writing it in the Vala programming language. That’s a pretty controversial statement! Emmanuele...

Michael Catanzaro 08/02/2017

An Update on WebKit Security Updates

One year ago, I wrote a blog post about WebKit security updates that attracted a fair amount of attention at the time. For a full understanding of the situation, you really have to read the whole thing, but the most important point was that, while...

Michael Catanzaro 08/02/2017

On Epiphany Security Updates and Stable Branches

One of the advantages of maintaining a web browser based on WebKit, like Epiphany, is that the vast majority of complexity is contained within WebKit. Epiphany itself doesn’t have any code for HTML parsing or rendering, multimedia playback, or...

Michael Catanzaro 26/09/2016

Epiphany Icon Refresh

We have a nice new app icon for Epiphany 3.24, thanks to Jakub Steiner: Wow pretty! The old icon was not actually specific to Epiphany, but was taken from the system, so it could be totally different depending on your icon theme. Here’s the icon...


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Remove quotation marks from about:web page

If we keep these, then they need to be marked for translation. But we don't need to keep them, because they look bad in English. Translators can add them around the string if really desired, but I doubt it's...

Michael Catanzaro25/03/2017

Changeset in webkit [214329]: window.crypto.getRandomValues() uses the insecure RC4 RNG ...

7 edits1 delete in trunk/Source window.crypto.getRandomValues() uses the insecure RC4 RNG ​https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=169623 Reviewed by Alex...

Michael Catanzaro24/03/2017

Changeset in webkit [214321]: == Rolled over to ChangeLog-2017-03-23 ==

5 edits5 copies in trunkRolled over to ChangeLog-2017-03-23

Michael Catanzaro23/03/2017

Fix untranslated Favorites string in bookmarks popover title

We translated it in most places, but missed a spot. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=780460

Michael Catanzaro23/03/2017

Fix untranslated strings in clear data dialog


Michael Catanzaro23/03/2017