Miguel Gómez

A Coruña (Spain), 1977

Working at Igalia since February 2004 and partner of the company.

Latest Updates

Miguel Gómez 11/12/2012

4th generation Classmate PC: accelerometer and extra keys support

The Intel Classmate PC is a netbook created by Intel that falls into the category of low-cost personal computers, whose target are the children in the developing world. We have some of those laptops at Igalia, concretely 4th generation ones, due to the...

Miguel Gómez 28/11/2012

Continuous integration and testing, driver development and virtual hardware: the FMC TDC experience

Anyone who has been contributing to the development of drivers for the Linux Kernel is, for sure, familiar with a set of problems that arise during the process: The testing environment hangs when testing the changes, and you have to reset again and again...

Miguel Gómez 24/11/2010

Currently focused on…

A brief update on what I’ve being doing during last months: Yes, you have guessed it. Together with some of my colleagues at Igalia, I’m collaborating in the development of the Meego Touch Framework, the (not so) current MeeGo framework for...

Miguel Gómez 16/08/2010

Siggy arrived to extras

fast post to announce that siggy 0.4.2 has finished its testing quarantine and it’s now available on the extras repository Enjoy!

Miguel Gómez 11/08/2010

On the way to 0.5

It’s been a bit since my last post about siggy. But don’t worry. That only means that I’ve been working hard on it I’ve made a real lot of changes to the application since version 0.4.2. And I have some more in mind before...


By Type:


Set the pipeline to NULL instead of READY after finishing the playback.

Set the pipeline to NULL instead of READY after finishing the playback. This is a workaround to a problem in gstreamer when setting the state to READY and the replaying the video. This can be reverted once the problem gets fixed in gstreamer.

Miguel Gómez04/11/2016

Merge pull request #108 from blino/gst-cond

Merge pull request #108 from blino/gst-cond looks good to me

Miguel Gómez22/09/2016

Add missing header file to the install process.

Add missing header file to the install process.

Miguel Gómez21/09/2016

[WPE-platform] Add BCM_NEXUS_WAYLAND backend.

[WPE-platform] Add BCM_NEXUS_WAYLAND backend.

Miguel Gómez19/07/2016

Fix debug build

Fix debug build

Miguel Gómez08/07/2016