Lorenzo Tilve

Pontevedra (Spain)

I joined Igalia in 2004 and became a partner in 2007. During these years I combined development and project management on web scenarios.

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Lorenzo Tilve 02/03/2015

Fosdem 2015

This is a good excuse as any other to retake the blog back to life. It has been a long, long time since I was writing here last time, and I have been doing quite different things since then. As part of the Igalia browsers team, … Continue...


Back at the office after a great #igalia summit. Picture from one of the events (detail) courtesy @guijemont http://t.co/0QcFiwSg9y at 12:11 Jun 3rd 2013 by Lorenzo Tilve

Lorenzo Tilve 22/11/2012

Published LibrePlan Audiovisual website

After several months working on the application, it’s now available the website of the project LibrePlan Audiovisual www.libreplan.com/audiovisual It’s a section inside the main LibrePlan website, which has been the starting point for this...


Caffeine after a long day at #linuxtag #igalia http://t.co/0Pc1ccS4cj at 17:52 May 22nd 2013 by Lorenzo Tilve

Lorenzo Tilve 07/11/2012

Publicada la web de LibrePlan Audiovisual

Después de varios meses de trabajo en la aplicación, ya se encuentra disponible públicamente la web del proyecto LibrePlan Audiovisual www.libreplan.com/es/audiovisual Se trata de una sección dentro de la web principal de LibrePlan, que ha sido el...


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Changeset [169154]: [GTK] Unreviewed GTK gardening Patch by Lorenzo Tilve ...

[GTK] Unreviewed GTK gardening Patch by Lorenzo Tilve on 2014-05-21 platform/gtk/TestExpectations: Report and mark new tests failing. platform/gtk/fast/css/absolute-child-with-percent-height-inside-relative-parent-expected.txt:...

Lorenzo Tilve21/05/2014

Changeset [168415]: [GTK] Unreviewed GTK gardening Avoid duplicated expectations and remove ...

[GTK] Unreviewed GTK gardening Avoid duplicated expectations and remove failure flag for fixed js/dom/basic-weakmap.html test. Patch by Lorenzo Tilve on 2014-05-07 platform/gtk/TestExpectations:

Lorenzo Tilve07/05/2014

overview: Center vertically the thumbnails grid

Adjust the CSS styles of the overview to place the thumbnails grid centered vertically on the browser window. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=726701

Lorenzo Tilve19/03/2014

Override the default background color on about:epiphany

Use the original background color on about:epiphany to fill all the page background. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=725245

Lorenzo Tilve26/02/2014