Juan José Sánchez

A Corunha (Spain)

I am one of the founding members of Igalia, where I combine tasks of business development and project management, with doing software development, mainly around the WebKit project.

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'no master' by @andywingo http://t.co/5cdNO51KKv #igalia at 11:06 Jun 9th 2013 by Juan José Sánchez

Juan José Sánchez 04/12/2011

WebKitGTK+ hackfest wrap up

After more than 5 days of hacking, discussions and some social activities, the 3rd edition of the WebKitGTK+ hackfest, which took place at the Igalia office in A Coruña, is coming to its end. We are about to go for dinner and most people are leaving...


It is great to see the 1st release of WebKitGTK+ using WK2 highlighted in the 'last week in #webkit' report: https://t.co/GJU4ezqBFW #igalia at 20:39 Apr 15th 2013 by Juan José Sánchez

Juan José Sánchez 03/12/2011

Open web apps and device APIs

During the past couple of weeks I have been (together with some other colleagues at Igalia) checking the different solutions that the main actors in the ‘open web’ are proposing to enable the local installation of web apps and the interaction...


Enjoying the first day of the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in downtown San Francisco #lfcollab #igalia at 20:16 Apr 15th 2013 by Juan José Sánchez