Javier Muñoz

Betanzos (Spain)

Working at Igalia since 2006

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Javier Muñoz 01/12/2017

Open Source UAV and mobile cellular networks

The safe operation of an UAV requires a communication link to handle telemetry data, control commands and other information between the vehicle and the ground control station (GCS). A simple and affordable way to overcome the range limitation is running...

Javier Muñoz 02/11/2017

CVE-2005-3252 - Snort 2.4.0-2 remote code execution

This blog post contains my technical notes on the old Snort Back Orifice (BO) pre-preprocessor buffer overflow vulnerability (CVE-2005-3252). The bug is a stack buffer overflow in the BO pre-processor module included with Snort versions 2.4.0, 2.4.1 and...

Javier Muñoz 16/10/2017

Attending LibreCon 2017

This week I will be attending LibreCon 2017, one of the largest international events on open source technologies. It will be held on 19 and 20 October in Santiago de Compostela (Spain). This year’s theme is the application of open source technologies...

Javier Muñoz 08/08/2017

Building and running RISC-V Linux rev 1.9 on QEMU

My configuration and scripts to build and run the RISC-V Linux kernel (rev 1.9) on RISC-V QEMU. Running an unattended build ~$ wget javiermunhoz.com/.../risc-v-linux-on-qemu-scripts-rev-1.9.tar.gz ~$ tar zxvf...

Javier Muñoz 28/06/2017

AWS4 browser-based upload goes upstream in Ceph

Some days ago Matt committed the great Radek's effort to have a more coherent and structured scaffolding in the Ceph RGW auth subsystem supporting the differences among the available auth algorithms. As part of this effort and patchset related to the...