Joanmarie Diggs

New Hampshire (USA)

Accessibility Developer, working at Igalia since October 2011

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Joanmarie Diggs 07/02/2010

An Open Letter to Oracle on the Topic Of Accessibility

Dear Oracle: You don’t know me, so please permit me a brief introduction: I’m Joanie. By day, I’m an assistive technology specialist working with individuals who are blind or visually impaired. By night, weekend, and holiday for almost...


Times like this I truly appreciate having Orca as part of my DayJob: It is SO nice to make real progress and not just put out fires. #igalia at 19:42 May 11th 2012 by Joanmarie Diggs

Joanmarie Diggs 03/01/2009

Seven Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Me

The “<insert number here> things” meme is going around twitter, and I’ve been tagged by @empirebetty. A while back, when it was a blog meme requiring eight things, Rich Burridge tagged me. So I’m now faced with the...


Thank you @igalia for making it possible for me to focus on @gnome_orca! Good release if I do say so myself. :) #igalia at 02:55 Apr 17th 2012 by Joanmarie Diggs

Joanmarie Diggs 08/10/2008

De Deorum Natura

That’s what the gods are! An answer that will do! Because there’s food to be caught and babies to be born and a life to be lived and so there is no time for big, complicated, and worrying answers! Please give us a simple answer, so that we...


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Changeset in webkit [232508]: AX: Implement support for new blockquote, caption, and paragraph ARIA ...

17 edits in trunk AX: Implement support for new blockquote, caption, and paragraph ARIA roles ​ Reviewed by Chris Fleizach. Source/WebCore: Add the three new ARIA roles to the internal rolemap so...

Joanmarie Diggs05/06/2018