Juan A. Suárez

Freixo - Outes (Spain)

Working at Igalia since 2007.

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#gnome #grilo core 0.2.6 and plugins 0.2.7 released http://t.co/dv1GGuEF6J at 13:52 May 18th 2013 by Juan A. Suárez

Juan A. Suárez 29/07/2011

Grilo at Desktop Summit 2011

Are you interested on Grilo? Are you going to Desktop Summit 2011? Then let’s meet there. Among other igalians, Also, I and my fellow Guillaume have organized a hacking session on Wednesday 10th, 9:00 in room 1.401/2. If you want to learn more...


new #gnome music is using #grilo http://t.co/IhD2VoyWAZ at 11:55 Mar 22nd 2013 by Juan A. Suárez

Juan A. Suárez 06/09/2010

GUADEC’2010 talks about Grilo

Thanks to Flumotion, you can access and view the awesome talks that happened at GUADEC 2010. I have got those related with Grilo, and put them here. Besides the original WebM format videos, I provide also Theora version (in lower quality, intended to...


A new plugin to watch Rai TV videos comes in #grilo plugins 0.2.6 at 18:55 Mar 19th 2013 by Juan A. Suárez


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glsl/linker: link-error using the same name in unnamed block and outside

According with OpenGL GLSL 4.20 spec, section 4.3.9, page 57: "It is a link-time error if any particular shader interface contains: - two different blocks, each having no instance name, and each having a member of the same name,...

Juan A. Suárez16/01/2018

spirv: Makefile.nir.am: include vtn_gather_types_c.py script in tarball dist

Fixes: bb1e6ff161c ("spirv: Add a prepass to set types on vtn_values") Reviewed-by: Emil Velikov Signed-off-by: Juan A. Suarez Romero

Juan A. Suárez20/12/2017

mesa: deal with vs_inputs as 64-bit unsigned integer

Commit 78942e ("mesa: shrink VERT_ATTRIB bitfields to 32 bits") uses vs_prog_data->vs_inputs as if it were a 32-bit unsigned integer. But actually it is a 64-bit integer, and as such it is used in other parts of Mesa code. It is worth to note that bits...

Juan A. Suárez29/11/2017

meson: add si_driinfo.h in libgallium_dri

v2: generate target conditionally (Dylan) Reviewed-by: Dylan Baker

Juan A. Suárez21/11/2017

docs: add sha256 checksums for 17.2.2

Signed-off-by: Juan A. Suarez Romero (cherry picked from commit 5a71ed6fa5b78f04b29e972e0759fa15cf0247b2)

Juan A. Suárez02/10/2017