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Freixo - Outes (Spain)

Working at Igalia since 2007.

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Juan A. Suárez 29/09/2014

Highlights in Grilo 0.2.11 (and Plugins 0.2.13)

Hello, readers! Some weeks ago we released a new version of Grilo and the Plugins set (yes, it sounds like a 70′s music group ). You can read the announcement here and here. If you are more curious about all … Continue reading →

Juan A. Suárez 24/07/2014

Another year, another GUADEC

It’s 2014, and like previous years: This time I won’t give any talk, just relax and enjoy talks from others, and hope Strasbourg. And what is more important, meet those hackers you interact with frequently, and maybe share some beers. …...

Juan A. Suárez 06/03/2014

Yum Search Extended

Hi again! Let me tell you something. I’m a Fedora user since several releases ago, probably since Fedora 13 or 14. Before that, I was using Ubuntu, but decided to switch to Fedora for several reasons that are not worth to … Continue reading...

Juan A. Suárez 22/07/2013

See you at GUADEC 2013!

GUADEC 2013 is around the corner. Igalia is kindly sponsoring my attendance, as well as other mates, to this wonderful conference, where all years I meet good friends, and do new ones. I’ll be there from August, 1st to 5th, both included. On...


#gnome #grilo plugins 0.2.8 released http://t.co/8fGr4L9ky8 at 00:57 May 25th 2013 by Juan A. Suárez


By Type:


intel: automake: add isl_genX_priv.h in the source list

Fixes: CC isl/isl_format_layout.lo In file included from ../../../../src/intel/isl/isl_storage_image.c:24:0: ../../../../src/intel/isl/isl_priv.h:170:29: fatal error: isl_genX_priv.h: No such file or directory compilation...

Juan A. Suárez19/09/2017

vulkan: automake: add vk_android_native_buffer.h in the source list

Fixes: CCLD libvulkan_wsi.la ar: `u' modifier ignored since `D' is the default (see `U') ../../../../src/vulkan/util/vk_enum_to_str.c:26:45: fatal error: vulkan/vk_android_native_buffer.h: No such file or directory compilation...

Juan A. Suárez19/09/2017

anv/pipeline: do not use BITFIELD64_BIT()

In the previous commit, forgot to apply v2 suggestions. Fixes: 28d0c38 (anv/pipeline: use unsigned long long constant to check enable vertex inputs) Signed-off-by: Juan A. Suarez Romero

Juan A. Suárez14/07/2017

egl_mesa_platform_surfaceless: fix compilation warning

Fixes /build/piglit/tests/egl/spec/egl_mesa_platform_surfaceless/egl_mesa_platform_surfaceless.c:94:30: warning: incompatible pointer to integer conversion passing 'void *' to parameter of type 'NativeWindowType' (aka 'unsigned...

Juan A. Suárez10/07/2017

vc4: automake: include vc4_cl_dump.h in

Ensure vc4_cl_dump.h and $(BROADCOM_FILES) are distributed in the dist-file. This fixes `make distcheck` Reviewed-by: Emil Velikov

Juan A. Suárez03/07/2017