Hyunjun Ko

Jeju Island (South Korea)

Happy igalian since April 2016. Husband of a beautiful woman. Daddy of a cute son.

Latest Updates

Hyunjun Ko 22/08/2017

Support GstContext for VA-API elements

Since I started working on gstreamer-vaapi, one of what’s disappointing me is that vaapisink is not so popular even though it should be the best choice on vaapi installed machine. There are some reasonable causes and one of the reasons is probably it...

Hyunjun Ko 06/07/2017

100 commits in GStreamer

It’s been 3 years since I’ve started working on GStreamer, meanwhile I contributed over 100 commits fortunately! Let’s look at my commits in each project in GStreamer. gstreamer: 7 commits gst-plugins-base: 5 commits ...

Hyunjun Ko 23/03/2017

Libva-rust(libva binding to rust) in development stage

Since Rust language appeared in the world, I felt strongly this is the language I should learn. This is because: Rust guarantees to prevent from common bugs in C/C++ such as memory corruption and race condition, which are very painful to fix...


By Type:


msdkdec: fix buffer leaks during drain and a leak of videobufferpool


Hyunjun Ko22/11/2017

msdkenc: Fix handling of YUY2, UYVY, BGRA surfaces


Hyunjun Ko17/11/2017

vaapiencode: allow to set property on runtime

Tis patch, allows some properties that we want to be set on runtime. (eg. bitrate) Note that all properties are under control by num_codedbuf_queued. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=786321

Hyunjun Ko20/10/2017

zzoon pushed to vaapi at zzoon/rsplugin

Oct 12, 2017 zzoon pushed to vaapi at zzoon/rsplugin e550afa rsvaapisink: sync to the upstream's change ...

Hyunjun Ko12/10/2017

zzoon pushed to master at zzoon/rsplugin

Oct 12, 2017 zzoon pushed to master at zzoon/rsplugin 393cd62 Move simple Source/Sink/Demuxer traits to a...

Hyunjun Ko12/10/2017