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Happy igalian since April 2016. Husband of a beautiful woman. Daddy of a cute son.

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Hyunjun Ko 22/08/2017

Support GstContext for VA-API elements

Since I started working on gstreamer-vaapi, one of what’s disappointing me is that vaapisink is not so popular even though it should be the best choice on vaapi installed machine. There are some reasonable causes and one of the reasons is probably it...

Hyunjun Ko 06/07/2017

100 commits in GStreamer

It’s been 3 years since I’ve started working on GStreamer, meanwhile I contributed over 100 commits fortunately! Let’s look at my commits in each project in GStreamer. gstreamer: 7 commits gst-plugins-base: 5 commits ...

Hyunjun Ko 23/03/2017

Libva-rust(libva binding to rust) in development stage

Since Rust language appeared in the world, I felt strongly this is the language I should learn. This is because: Rust guarantees to prevent from common bugs in C/C++ such as memory corruption and race condition, which are very painful to fix...


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msdkdec: use video memory if there's another MSDK context in a pipeline

1\ If downstream's pool is MSDK bufferpool, 2\ If there's shared GstMsdkContext in the pipeline, a decoder decides to use video memory. This policy should be improved to handle more cases. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=790752

Hyunjun Ko13/02/2018

msdk: add async depth from each msdk element to GstMsdkContext to be shared

In case that pipeline is like ".. ! decoder ! encoder ! ..." with using video memory, decoder needs to know the async depth of the following msdk element so that it could allocate the correct number of video memory. Otherwise, decoder's memory is...

Hyunjun Ko13/02/2018

msdkdec/enc: query GstContext to share GstMsdkContext

How to share/create GstMsdkcontext is the following: - Search GstMsdkContext if there's in the pipeline. - If found, check if it's decoder, encoder or vpp by job type. - If it's same job type, it creates another instance of GstMsdkContext ...

Hyunjun Ko13/02/2018

msdk: context: add job type to figure out if joining session is necessary

According to the driver's instruction, if there are two or more encoders or decoders in a process, the session should be joined by MFXJoinSession. To achieve this successfully by GstContext, this patch adds job type specified if it's encoder, decoder...

Hyunjun Ko13/02/2018

msdk: adds util functions to handle GstContext

To share GstMsdkContext with each msdk element, it will be using GstContext. Most common code is from gstreamer-vaapi. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=790752

Hyunjun Ko13/02/2018