Hyunjun Ko

Jeju Island (South Korea), 1979

Happy igalian since April 2016. Husband of a beautiful woman. Daddy of a cute son.

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Hyunjun Ko 06/07/2017

100 commits in GStreamer

It’s been 3 years since I’ve started working on GStreamer, meanwhile I contributed over 100 commits fortunately! Let’s look at my commits in each project in GStreamer. gstreamer: 7 commits gst-plugins-base: 5 commits ...

Hyunjun Ko 23/03/2017

Libva-rust(libva binding to rust) in development stage

Since Rust language appeared in the world, I felt strongly this is the language I should learn. This is because: Rust guarantees to prevent from common bugs in C/C++ such as memory corruption and race condition, which are very painful to fix...


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zzoon starred sdroege/gst-plugin-rs

zzoon starred sdroege/gst-plugin-rs Jul 6, 2017

Hyunjun Ko06/07/2017

libs: encoder: h264: initialize all elements of view_ids

Currently when num_views is changed by multiview-mode on sink caps, it produces wrong MVC encoded stream since the array view_ids is not set properly according to changed num_views. So this patch initializes all of the array sequentially to handle this...

Hyunjun Ko29/06/2017

vaapipostproc: set multivew-mode flags to src caps

vaapipostproc didn't negotiate the proper multiview caps losing downstream information. This patch enables the playing of MVC encoded stream by setting the proper multiview mode/flags and views to src caps, according to sink...

Hyunjun Ko29/06/2017

libs: encoder: Describes more detail about the bitrate property


Hyunjun Ko02/06/2017

libs: encoder: vp8: Adds VBR Encoding support


Hyunjun Ko01/06/2017