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about to watch webkit talk by @juanjosanchez from #igalia in Marina 3 at #linuxcon at 00:09 Aug 31st 2012 by Guillaume Emont

Guillaume Emont 27/04/2011

Blog back online

I finally found the time to migrate my blog to the new server I have (the old server died a few weeks ago). I hope I managed to do the transition correctly, and that people following me through a feed reader and/or a planet won’t be flooded with a...


Had a great time and interesting conversations at the #gstreamer conference. Now, #linuxcon is starting. #igalia at 19:12 Aug 29th 2012 by Guillaume Emont

Guillaume Emont 22/01/2011


Like a few friends have stated, I am now saying it loud and clear: And for that I should thank the awesome company for which I work. I am sure great time will be had, as well as great conversations about free software, multimedia, technology, life, the...


#gstreamer conference, now talking about general relativity and gravitational waves. at 20:05 Aug 28th 2012 by Guillaume Emont