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Guillaume Emont 23/10/2011

Prague, we meet again!

  Tomorrow I will fly to Prague, going to the GStreamer Conference, then to LinuxCon Europe and ELCE. I’m excited to go back there, after having first visited this beautiful city in my last Eurotrip. I will give a talk at the GStreamer...


I've been working for #Igalia for 2 years today, and loved every last day of it! And since a few days ago, I've been in Barcelona for 5 yrs! at 12:25 Oct 1st 2012 by Guillaume Emont

Guillaume Emont 03/08/2011

Eurotrip starting soon: Desktop Summit, Berlin

On Friday, I am going on a little Eurotrip that will lead me through Germany, France, Ireland and Czech Republic. The whole trip will last a month. If I manage better than some american guys, I will get to Berlin on Friday afternoon for the desktop...


Slides of my talk about sandboxing at the #gstreamer conference: #igalia at 00:53 Sep 1st 2012 by Guillaume Emont

Guillaume Emont 09/05/2011

Playing with balloons

These days, I’m spending a big part of my free time on a nice project with a few friends. That’s a project involving a balloon. We have recently started a blog called Balloon Freaks to talk about this, you might want to check it out.