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My mipsel+dsp back-end for Orc has been merged: #igalia at 20:02 Jan 17th 2013 by Guillaume Emont


Landed in A Coruña. Now to #igalia for our assembly and summit! at 11:40 Dec 13th 2012 by Guillaume Emont

Guillaume Emont 10/11/2011

Gstreamer and OpenCV for image stabilisation

I am now back from Prague where I gave a talk on image stabilisation (and my holiday pictures). Hopefully a video of the talk will soon be online. In the meantime, I would like to explain a bit my efforts in written form, with some details slightly...


I'm at #linuxconeu with #igalia. You can generally find me at our booth to talk about #gstreamer, #webkit, life, the universe and everything at 16:55 Nov 5th 2012 by Guillaume Emont