Frédéric Wang

Saint-Malo (France), 1987

Igalian since 2016.

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Frédéric Wang 29/04/2017

MathZilla collection ported to WebExtensions

MathZilla is a collection of MathML-related add-ons for Mozilla applications. It provides nice features such as forcing native MathML rendering (e.g. on Wikipedia), using Web fonts to render MathML or providing a context menu item to copy math formulas...

Frédéric Wang 23/01/2017

Mus Window System

TL; DR Igalia has recently been working on making Chromium Desktop run natively on Ozone/Wayland thanks to support from Renesas. This is however still experimental and there is a lot of UI work to do. In order to facilitate discussion at BlinkOn7 and...

Frédéric Wang 22/12/2016

¡Igalia is hiring!

If you read this blog, you probably know that I joined Igalia early this year, where I have been involved in projects related to free software and web engines. You may however not be aware that Igalia has a flat & cooperative structure where all decisions...

Frédéric Wang 10/12/2016

STIX Two in Gecko and WebKit

On the 1st of December, the STIX Fonts project announced the release of STIX 2. If you never heard about this project, it is described as follows: The mission of the Scientific and Technical Information Exchange (STIX) font creation project is...

Frédéric Wang 03/12/2016

Chromium on R-Car M3 & AGL/Wayland

As my fellow igalian Antonio Gomes explained on his blog, we have recenly been working on making the master branch of Chromium run on Linux Desktop using the upstream Ozone/Wayland backend. This effort is supported by Renesas and they were interested to...


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Update Ozone documentation for Linux Desktop

Update Ozone documentation for Linux Desktop Currently Chrome/Ozone/mash does not run anymore on Linux Desktop. This CL updates the documentation to point to Igalia's development branch for Ozone Wayland [1] where issues are being addressed. The...

Frédéric Wang05/04/2017

Make mus_demo_unittests work with multiple root windows

Make mus_demo_unittests work with multiple root windows WindowServerTestImpl::EnsureClientHasDrawnWindow verifies whether one root window of the WindowTree is drawn. This currently works well for mus_demo_unittests because the WindowServer only has a...

Frédéric Wang05/04/2017

Implement ScreenManagerOzoneExternal::RequestCloseDisplay

Implement ScreenManagerOzoneExternal::RequestCloseDisplay ScreenManagerOzoneExternal::RequestCloseDisplay was added in [1] to support external windows. However RequestCloseDisplay was left unimplemented, which means that external windows can not be...

Frédéric Wang03/04/2017

Run Mus Demo and WS tests on Ozone Linux bot

Run Mus Demo and WS tests on Ozone Linux bot For the related changes on chromium/tools/build, see BUG=666958,700309 Review-Url: Cr-Commit-Position:...

Frédéric Wang16/03/2017

Fix some typos in LayoutNG code

Fix some typos in LayoutNG code Review-Url: Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#456458} Committed:

Frédéric Wang13/03/2017