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Working at Igalia since June 2017.

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Eleni Maria Stea 21/05/2019

A simple pixel shader viewer

In a previous post, I wrote about Vkrunner, and how I used it to play with fragment shaders. While I was writing the shaders for it, I had to save them, generate a PPM image and display it to see the changes. This render to image/display repetition gave...

Eleni Maria Stea 06/05/2019

Vkrunner allows specifying the required Vulkan version

The required Vulkan implementation version for a Vkrunner shader test can now be specified in the [require] section of the test. Tests that are targeting Vulkan versions that aren’t supported by the device driver will be skipped....

Eleni Maria Stea 06/05/2019

Having fun with Vkrunner!

Vkrunner is a Vulkan shader testing tool similar to Piglit, written by Neil Roberts. It is mostly used by graphics drivers developers, and was also part of the official Khronos conformance tests suite repository (VK-GL-CTS) for some time [1]. There are...

Eleni Maria Stea 17/02/2019

i965: Improved support for the ETC/EAC formats on Intel Gen 7 and previous GPUs

This post is about a recent contribution I’ve done to the i965 mesa driver to improve the emulation of the ETC/EAC texture formats on the Intel Gen 7 and older GPUs, as part of my work for the Igalia‘s graphics team. Demo: The video mostly...

Eleni Maria Stea 27/01/2019

Hair simulation with a mass-spring system (punk is not dead!)

Hair rendering and simulation can be challenging, especially in real-time. There are many sophisticated algorithms for it (based on particle systems, hair mesh simulation, mass-spring systems and more) that can give very good results. But in this post, I...