Eduardo Lima

Santa Clara (Cuba)

Joined Igalia in autumn 2007.

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Eduardo Lima 06/10/2016

Example: Run an OpenGL (ES) compute shader on a DRM render-node

It has been a long time indeed since my last entry here. But I have actually been quite busy on a new adventure: graphics driver development. Two years ago I started contributing to Mesa, mostly to the Intel i965 backend, as a member of the Igalia...

Eduardo Lima 08/09/2014

Drawing Web content with OpenGL (ES 3.0) instanced rendering

This is a follow up article about my ongoing research on Web content rendering using aggressive batching and merging of draw operations, together with OpenGL (ES 3.0) instanced rendering. In a previous post, I discussed how relying on the Web...

Eduardo Lima 04/07/2014

A possibly faster approach to OpenGL rasterization of 2D Web content

Today I want to talk about things that keep me busy these days, and are of course related to Web engines. Specifically, I want to talk about 2D rasterization and the process of putting pixels on the screen as fast as possible (aka, the 60...

Eduardo Lima 06/05/2013

Introducing gocl, a gobject wrapper to OpenCL

For the past few months I have been working on this project to bring OpenCL closer to GNOME technologies, and today I’m glad to make the first public announcement. For the uninformed reader, OpenCL is a framework and language for writing programs...

Eduardo Lima 21/11/2012

SHA-512 hashing support in glib

Always feels good to close old bugs, even if done unintentionally. In one of the projects I’m working on, I ran into the lack of SHA-512 support in glib and decided to step in. It turned out that such support was requested in a bug reported 3 years...


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mesa: Returns zero samples when querying GL_NUM_SAMPLE_COUNTS when internal format is integer

Fixes 19 dEQP tests under 'dEQP-GLES3.functional.state_query.internal_format.*'.

Eduardo Lima09/12/2014

mesa: Considers GL_DEPTH_STENCIL_ATTACHMENT a valid argument for FBO invalidation under GLES3

Fixes 21 dEQP test failures under 'dEQP-GLES3.functional.fbo.invalidate.*'.

Eduardo Lima09/12/2014

build: Raises required version of GLib to 2.32

m build: Raises required version of GLib to 2.32 We are using new GLib thread API introduced in 2.32, like g_mutex_init().

Eduardo Lima17/12/2012

Merge pull request #9 from guijemont/buildfix

m gfreenect/ Merge pull request #9 from guijemont/buildfix Fix build when freenect installed in non standard path

Eduardo Lima19/11/2012

Updates mutex calls to use new GMutex API

m skeltrack/skeltrack-skeleton.c Updates mutex calls to use new GMutex API g_mutex_new()/g_mutex_free() have been deprecated in GLib.

Eduardo Lima03/08/2012