Diego Pino

Vigo (Spain)

After a couple of years travelling around the world, I finally joined Igalia in February 2007.

Latest Updates

Diego Pino 10/04/2016

Network namespaces

Namespaces and cgroups are two of the main kernel technologies most of the new trend on software containerization (think Docker) rides on. To put it simple, cgroups are a metering and limiting mechanism, they control how much of a system resource (CPU,...

Diego Pino 02/04/2016

IPv6 tunnel

The IPv6 Internet is like the dark matter, completely invisible to the most widely used IPv4 Internet. One solution to access the IPv6 Internet from an IPv4 connection is to use a tunnel broker. A tunnel broker acts as a middle point between IPv4 and...

Diego Pino 31/12/2015

Architecture of the Web Inspector

In Igalia we have been contributing to the WebKit project for many years. Starting with WebKitGTK+ and progressively reaching other areas such as WebCore, improving accessibility, implementing new APIs, tooling, fixing tons of bugs, etc. The Web Inspector...

Diego Pino 15/11/2015

Reusing LuaJIT's disassembler

Last year at Igalia we started coding pflua, a high-performance packet filter which runs on top of LuaJIT. Pflua is now included in Snabb Switch as an external library and it’s used to do all the packet filtering tasks that were initially done using...

Diego Pino 15/10/2015

Multicore architectures and CPU affinity

One of the first attempts by Intel to parallelize processing was hyper-threading, a technology that debuted in Xeon in 2002 and later that year in Pentium 4. A single CPU with hyper-threading appears as two logical CPUs to the Operating System....


By Type:


Select ping6 program

Select ping6 program Some systems require `ping6` program while others use `ping -6`.

Diego Pino03/08/2018

Change MAC addresses in configuration file

Change MAC addresses in configuration file When using different VLAN tags, MAC addresses must be different too.

Diego Pino03/08/2018

Fix MAC address comparison

Fix MAC address comparison

Diego Pino03/08/2018

Merge pull request #1163 from dpino/fix-hw-ping-test

Merge pull request #1163 from dpino/fix-hw-ping-test Fix hardware ping test

Diego Pino03/08/2018

Do not skip psid=0 if psid-length is zero

Do not skip psid=0 if psid-length is zero

Diego Pino13/07/2018