Diego Pino

Vigo (Spain)

After a couple of years travelling around the world, I finally joined Igalia in February 2007.

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Diego Pino 05/06/2017

Dive into Lightweight 4over6

In the previous articles I took a look at the status of the IPv4 address exhaustion problem. I also reviewed the current state of IPv6 adoption as well as covering some of the transition technologies that could ease the adoption of IPv6. One of these...

Diego Pino 30/05/2017

IPv6 deployment status and transition technologies

IPv4 has served us well for the last 35 years. But in a world of already exhausted address space its future seems uncertain. Everyone knew it wouldn’t last forever. However, most ISPs didn’t start deploying IPv6 networks actively until the address...

Diego Pino 25/05/2017

A brief history of IPv4 address space exhaustion

IPv4 address space exhaustion was a hot topic in the 90s, when everyone started to foresee that inevitable future. However, we’re still relying on IPv4 today. So, what has actually happened? Did anyone find a vast range of unused IPv4 addresses locked...

Diego Pino 14/03/2017

Fosdem 2017

Fosdem is one of my favorite conferences. I guess this is true for many free software enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter how many editions it has been through, it still keeps the same spirit. Tons of people sharing, talking about their homebrew experiments,...

Diego Pino 02/05/2016

Network namespaces: IPv6 connectivity

In the last post I introduced network namespaces and showed a practical example on how to share IPv4 connectivity between a network namespace and a host. Before that post, I also wrote a short tutorial on how to set up an IPv6 tunnel using Hurricane...


By Type:


Select ping6 program

Select ping6 program Some systems require `ping6` program while others use `ping -6`.

Diego Pino03/08/2018

Change MAC addresses in configuration file

Change MAC addresses in configuration file When using different VLAN tags, MAC addresses must be different too.

Diego Pino03/08/2018

Fix MAC address comparison

Fix MAC address comparison

Diego Pino03/08/2018

Merge pull request #1163 from dpino/fix-hw-ping-test

Merge pull request #1163 from dpino/fix-hw-ping-test Fix hardware ping test

Diego Pino03/08/2018

Do not skip psid=0 if psid-length is zero

Do not skip psid=0 if psid-length is zero

Diego Pino13/07/2018