Diego Pino

Vigo (Spain)

After a couple of years travelling around the world, I finally joined Igalia in February 2007.

Latest Updates

Diego Pino 14/06/2018

Fast checksum computation

An Internet packet generally includes two checksums: a TCP/UDP checksum and an IP checksum. In both cases, the checksum value is calculated using the same algorithm. For instance, IP header checksum is computed as follows: Set the packet’s IP header...

Diego Pino 15/02/2018

The B4 network function

Some time ago I started a series of blog posts about IPv6 and network namespaces. The purpose of those posts was preparing the ground for covering a network function called B4 (Basic Bridging BroadBand). The B4 network function is one of the main...

Diego Pino 12/01/2018

More practical Snabb

Some time ago, in a Hacker News thread an user proposed the following use case for Snabb: I have a ChromeCast on my home network, but I want sandbox/log its traffic. I would want to write some logic to ignore video data, because that’s big. But I...

Diego Pino 28/11/2017

Practical Snabb

In a previous article I introduced Snabb, a toolkit for developing network functions. In this article I want to dive into some practical examples on how to use Snabb for network function programming. The elements of a network function A network function...

Diego Pino 13/11/2017

Snabb explained in less than 10 minutes

Last month I attended the 20th edition of GORE (the Spain’s Network Operator Group meeting) where I delivered an introductory talk about Snabb (Spanish). Slides of the talk are also available online (English). Taking advantage of this presentation I...


By Type:


Select ping6 program

Select ping6 program Some systems require `ping6` program while others use `ping -6`.

Diego Pino03/08/2018

Change MAC addresses in configuration file

Change MAC addresses in configuration file When using different VLAN tags, MAC addresses must be different too.

Diego Pino03/08/2018

Fix MAC address comparison

Fix MAC address comparison

Diego Pino03/08/2018

Merge pull request #1163 from dpino/fix-hw-ping-test

Merge pull request #1163 from dpino/fix-hw-ping-test Fix hardware ping test

Diego Pino03/08/2018

Do not skip psid=0 if psid-length is zero

Do not skip psid=0 if psid-length is zero

Diego Pino13/07/2018