José Dapena

Marín (Spain)

José, who holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of A Coruña, is one of the founding members of Igalia.

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José Dapena 25/10/2018

3 events in a month

As part of my job at Igalia, I have been attending 2-3 events per year. My role mostly as a Chromium stack engineer is not usually much demanding regarding conference trips, but they are quite important as an opportunity to meet collaborators and project...

José Dapena 21/03/2018

Updated Chromium Legacy Wayland Support

Introduction Future Ozone Wayland backend is still not ready for shipping. So we are announcing the release of an updated Ozone Wayland backend for Chromium, based on the implementation provided by Intel. It is rebased on top of latest stable Chromium...

José Dapena 01/10/2012

WebKitGTK+ accelerated composition on Wayland

As part of my work at Igalia browsers team, I am working on making WebKitGTK+ and Epiphany work on Wayland. Just running non 3D websites on Wayland did not involve too much work. But running the OpenGL accelerated code in WebKit was a bit more...

José Dapena 27/07/2012

Lightning talk: web apps stores in Epiphany

I’m just now in a train. Destination: GUADEC 2012! Today I’ll be presenting a lightning talk about my work at Igalia browsers team for web application stores support in Epiphany. Take this talk as a fast follow up on the work I posted about some...

José Dapena 14/05/2012

IwkMail, mixing WebKit Gtk+, Camel and JQuery Mobile

In the last few weeks, as part of my work here at Igalia, I’ve been playing a bit with the concept of hybrid applications. In this case, I’ve created a basic prototype of a mail application, with its user interface completely written using...


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José Dapena11/06/2010

José Dapena Paz pushed df3896e8 to modest/modest:master

jdapena pushed df3896e8 to modest/modest:master José Dapena Paz df3896e: Fix build for maemo

José Dapena11/06/2010

José Dapena Paz pushed ddb9efec to tinymail/tinymail:tinymail-1-2

jdapena pushed ddb9efec to tinymail/tinymail:tinymail-1-2 José Dapena Paz ddb9efe: PE1 Fremantle release

José Dapena11/06/2010

José Dapena Paz tagged tinymail/tinymail

jdapena tagged tinymail/tinymail 1.1.91: Created tag 1.1.91

José Dapena11/06/2010

José Dapena Paz pushed fccf77ad to tinymail/tinymail:master

jdapena pushed fccf77ad to tinymail/tinymail:master Javier Jardón fccf77a: Use accessor functions instead direct access

José Dapena25/03/2010