Claudio Saavedra

Santiago (Chile)

Claudio joined the Igalia fame in late May 2008, after having finished his studies in Computer Engineering at the Universidad de Talca, in Chile.

Latest Updates

Claudio Saavedra 15/12/2016

Thu 2016/Dec/15

Igalia is hiring. We're currently interested in Multimedia and Chromium developers. Check the announcements for details on the positions and our company.

Claudio Saavedra 08/02/2016

Mon 2016/Feb/08

About a year ago, Igalia was approached by the people working on printing-related technologies in HP to see whether we could give them a hand in their ongoing effort to improve the printing experience in the web. They had been working...

Claudio Saavedra 04/02/2016

Thu 2016/Feb/04

We've opened a few positions for developers in the fields of multimedia, networking, and compilers. I could say a lot about why working in Igalia is way different to working on your average tech-company or start-up, but ...

Claudio Saavedra 10/07/2015

Fri 2015/Jul/10

It's summer! That means that, if you are a student, you could be one of our summer interns in Igalia this season. We have two positions available: the first related to WebKit work and the second to web development. Both positions can...

Claudio Saavedra 28/04/2015

Tue 2015/Apr/28

A follow up to my last post. As I was writing it, someone was packaging Linux 4.0 for Debian. I fetched it from the experimental distribution today and all what was broken with the X1 Carbon now works (that is, the bluetooth keyboard,...


By Type:


snapshot-service: do not update cache table from other threads

GLib hash tables are not thread-safe. Use a idle function to update the cache from the main thread.

Claudio Saavedra09/12/2015

about:application: mark "Delete" for translation

Claudio Saavedra09/12/2015

about:applications: fix the arrangement of title and url

These were upside-down because of a printf messup.

Claudio Saavedra09/12/2015

Changeset [191503]: [GTK] Minor web editor fixes ...

3 edits in trunk/Source/WebKit2 [GTK] Minor web editor fixes ​ Reviewed by Carlos Garcia Campos. UIProcess/gtk/KeyBindingTranslator.cpp: Remove "MoveParagraphForward/Backward" as these commands do not...

Claudio Saavedra23/10/2015