Carlos García Campos

Madrid (Spain)

In October 2010 he left his job at the University to join Igalia.

Latest Updates

Carlos García Campos 08/01/2019

Epiphany automation mode

Last week I finally found some time to add the automation mode to Epiphany, that allows to run automated tests using WebDriver. It’s important to note that the automation mode is not expected to be used by users or applications … Continue...

Carlos García Campos 09/09/2017

WebDriver support in WebKitGTK+ 2.18

WebDriver is an automation API to control a web browser. It allows to create automated tests for web applications independently of the browser and platform. WebKitGTK+ 2.18, that will be released next week, includes an initial implementation of the...

Carlos García Campos 03/05/2017

WebKitGTK+ remote debugging in 2.18

WebKitGTK+ has supported remote debugging for a long time. The current implementation uses WebSockets for the communication between the local browser (the debugger) and the remote browser (the debug target or debuggable). This implementation was very...

Carlos García Campos 20/03/2017

WebKitGTK+ 2.16

The Igalia WebKit team is happy to announce WebKitGTK+ 2.16. This new release drastically improves the memory consumption, adds new API as required by applications, includes new debugging tools, and of course fixes a lot of bugs. Memory consumption After...

Carlos García Campos 10/02/2017

Accelerated compositing in WebKitGTK+ 2.14.4

WebKitGTK+ 2.14 release was very exciting for us, it finally introduced the threaded compositor to drastically improve the accelerated compositing performance. However, the threaded compositor imposed the accelerated compositing to be always enabled, even...


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build: bring back the option to disable GObject introspection

It was available with autotools, but we lost it when switching to cmake.

Carlos García Campos19/03/2018

regtest: Add an option to exit after n failures

Note that running jobs are not cancelled when max failures is reached, so we usually end up getting more failures than the maximum.

Carlos García Campos21/12/2017

cairo: Do not extend the pattern in drawImageMaskRegular

This is causing some documents with tiling patterns to take ages to render, since we switched to use drawImageMaskRegular in 00a536a4. This patch applies the same changes made in 7d8dfb09 and db87dc7f for drawImageMaskPrescaled to drawImageMaskRegular.

Carlos García Campos24/09/2017