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Free software hacker, semantics engineer, and Igalian.

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Asumu Takikawa 14/11/2018

Data Path Objects in VPP

A while back, I wrote a blog post explaining some of the basics of writing plugins for the VPP networking toolkit. In that previous post, I explained a few mechanisms for hooking a plugin into VPP’s graph architecture so that your code can process...

Asumu Takikawa 23/03/2018

How to develop VPP plugins

Recently, my teammate Jessica wrote an excellent intro blog post about VPP. VPP is an open source user-space networking framework that we’re looking into at Igalia. I highly recommend reading Jessica’s post before this post to get aquainted...

Asumu Takikawa 15/01/2018

Supporting both VMDq and RSS in Snabb

In my previous blog post, I talked about the support libraries and the core structure of Snabb’s NIC drivers. In this post, I’ll talk about some of the driver improvements we made at Igalia over the last few months. (as in my previous post,...

Asumu Takikawa 22/11/2017

Writing network drivers in a high-level language

Another day, another post about Snabb. Today, I’ll start to explain some work I’ve been doing at Igalia for Deutsche Telekom on driver development. All the DT driver work I’ll be talking about was joint work with Nicola Larosa. When...

Asumu Takikawa 19/09/2017

IPFIX app for Snabb

As you know if you’ve been following this blog, at Igalia we build network functions using the Snabb toolkit. When we’re not directly working on customer projects, we often invest time into building new features into Snabb. One of these...


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Add the test from issue #215

Add the test from issue #215 This test exercises spilling for the dynasm backend pretty well and exposed a bug

Asumu Takikawa09/12/2016

Fix spilling for 'mov' instructions

Fix spilling for 'mov' instructions The mov handling was incorrectly relying on the generic spill handling code, but it's easier to understand if there's just some special-case code for mov.

Asumu Takikawa09/12/2016

Merge pull request #263 from takikawa/

Merge pull request #263 from takikawa/ Fix

Asumu Takikawa07/12/2016

Regenerate markdown files

Regenerate markdown files

Asumu Takikawa07/12/2016

Handle newlines consistently in dump-markdown

Handle newlines consistently in dump-markdown Fixes markdown in, related to issue #251

Asumu Takikawa07/12/2016