Antía Puentes

A Coruña (Spain)

Working at Igalia since March 2007.

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Antía Puentes 04/09/2013

Accessibility in Evince

The primary objective of the Friends of GNOME Accessibility project is to improve document accessibility.  As part of this effort, Igalia has been working in several areas related to PDF documents, focusing primarily on Evince and poppler . Keyboard...


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internalformat_query*: fix SAMPLES pname checks for RGB9_E5

SAMPLES and NUM_SAMPLE_COUNTS queries accept internalformats which are defined as color-, depth- or stencil-renderable. RGB9_E5 is marked as non color-renderable in OpenGL 4.6, however if the EXT_texture_shared_exponent extension is exposed it must be...

Antía Puentes20/02/2018

Antía Puentes pushed ec920ab2 to fremantle-gdigicam/gdigicam:stable

apuentes pushed ec920ab2 to fremantle-gdigicam/gdigicam:stable Antía Puentes ec920ab: releasing version

Antía Puentes25/07/2010

Antía Puentes tagged fremantle-gdigicam/gdigicam

apuentes tagged fremantle-gdigicam/gdigicam Created tag

Antía Puentes25/07/2010

Antía Puentes pushed f9f3d6cc to fremantle-gdigicam/gdigicam:stable

apuentes pushed f9f3d6cc to fremantle-gdigicam/gdigicam:stable Antía Puentes f9f3d6c: * src/gdigicam-manager.h:

Antía Puentes25/07/2010

Antía Puentes pushed f9aac35d to fremantle-gdigicam/gdigicam:master

apuentes pushed f9aac35d to fremantle-gdigicam/gdigicam:master Antía Puentes f9aac35: * src/gdigicam-manager.h:

Antía Puentes25/07/2010