Alejandro Piñeiro

Vigo (Spain)

Working at Igalia since January 2006, with a previous experience in 2004 as a trainee student.

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Alejandro Piñeiro 09/10/2012

Going back home

In some hours I will go back to Spain. The last three days I was attending the Boston Summit. I will not repeat what happened there as we have really good summaries written by Colin Walters (here) and Matthias Clasen (here and here). Anyway want to...


Right now at "... Showcase on Jolla Sailfish OS" talk. Grilo included on the technology stack diagram #fosdem #igalia at 15:27 Feb 2nd 2013 by Alejandro Piñeiro

Alejandro Piñeiro 21/09/2012

Last day of summer

“One of these mornings you’re gonna rise up singing…” UX-Hackfest + GUADEC This  year I was present at the UX-Hackfest which was held at Igalia’s headquarters in Coruña. While I’m not really very involved with  the...


At WebkitGTK hackfest day 0. Tomorrow official first day, as a bunch of people are still arriving today #igalia #gnome #webkitgtk at 11:51 Dec 8th 2012 by Alejandro Piñeiro

Alejandro Piñeiro 30/03/2012

GNOME 3.4: Finally Orca+GNOME3

GNOME 3.4 is here! Well, this is not really something new, but GNOME 3.4 was released. And as the release notes explains and Mathias Clasen advanced on his blog, one of the things improved was the screen reader support. On some of my old posts, I already...


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i965: move brw_nir_lower_gl_images call

At this moment that lowering is using info coming from the UniformStorage, so for the ARB_gl_spirv codepath, it needs to be done after calling gl_nir_link_uniforms. As for the GLSL codepath it can also be called later, we just move the call on both...

Alejandro Piñeiro05/09/2018

intel/compiler: rename brw_nir_lower_glsl_images

To brw_nir_lower_gl_images, as it will be also used on the ARB_gl_spirv codepath, that doesn't involves GLSL at all. So the lowering is about images following the OpenGL semantics. In any case "brw_nir_lower_opengl_images" seemed too long to me, so I...

Alejandro Piñeiro05/09/2018

i965/fs: include multisamplers on image_intrinsic_coord_components

This is the second patch needed to fix the following piglit tests: tests/spec/arb_gl_spirv/linker/uniform/multisampler.shader_test tests/spec/arb_gl_spirv/linker/uniform/multisampler-array.shader_test Although in this case it doesn't affect so...

Alejandro Piñeiro04/09/2018

mesa/glspirv: fix compilation with MSVC

From AppVeyor #8582, it seems that MSVC doesn't like uint, so this patch replaces it with unsigned. Reviewed-by: Roland Scheidegger

Alejandro Piñeiro13/08/2018