Alejandro Piñeiro

Vigo (Spain)

Working at Igalia since January 2006, with a previous experience in 2004 as a trainee student.

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Alejandro Piñeiro 14/07/2017

Bringing VK_KHR_16bit_storage to Intel GPUs

Just yesterday, Vulkan 1.0.54 was released. Among other things, it includes the specification for a new extension, VK_KHR_16bit_storage. And just yesterday, we sent to mesa-dev the implementation of this extension for Intel gen8+ GPUs, that is the outcome...

Alejandro Piñeiro 29/07/2016

One year of Mesa

Changes During the last year and something, my work at Igalia was focused on the Intel i965 driver for Mesa, the open source OpenGL implementation. Iago and Samuel were working for some time, then joined Edu and Antía, and then I joined myself, as the...

Alejandro Piñeiro 02/06/2016

Introducing Mesa intermediate representations on Intel drivers with a practical example

Introduction The recent big news on the Igalia work on Mesa was that our effort getting the ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 and ARB_vertex_attrib_64bit extensions implemented for Intel Gen8+, allowed to expose OpenGL 4.2 for Gen8+. But I will let other igalians to...

Alejandro Piñeiro 18/09/2015

Optimizing shader assembly instruction on Mesa using shader-db (II)

On my previous post I mentioned that I have been working on optimizing the shader instruction count for specific shaders guided by shader-db, and showed one specific example. In this post I will show another one, slightly more complex on the triaging and...

Alejandro Piñeiro 14/09/2015

Optimizing shader assembly instruction on Mesa using shader-db

Lately I have been working on Mesa. Specifically I have been working with my fellow igalians Eduardo Lima and Antía Puentes to provide a NIR to vec4 pass to the i965 backend. I will not go too much in the details, but in summary, NIR is a new...


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arb_gl_spirv: simple test, use correct reference colors

It was using the same color for the base color, drawing color and expected color. As we are here, we also remove the debug names, as the test should work without names. Reviewed-by: Józef Kucia

Alejandro Piñeiro06/12/2018

vulkan: test cases for large local arrays

Equivalent to the GLSL tests added with the series "Test cases for large GLSL local arrays". Quoting from the cover-letter of that series: "Drivers typically need special handling for local array storage when arrays exceed a certain size, this...

Alejandro Piñeiro08/11/2018

glspirv: no need to force entrypoint name to "main"

Since commit "intel/compiler: Stop assuming the entrypoint is called "main"" there is no need to force the entrypoint name to be "main". Reviewed-by: Jason Ekstrand

Alejandro Piñeiro31/10/2018

i965: move brw_nir_lower_gl_images call

At this moment that lowering is using info coming from the UniformStorage, so for the ARB_gl_spirv codepath, it needs to be done after calling gl_nir_link_uniforms. As for the GLSL codepath it can also be called later, we just move the call on both...

Alejandro Piñeiro05/09/2018

intel/compiler: rename brw_nir_lower_glsl_images

To brw_nir_lower_gl_images, as it will be also used on the ARB_gl_spirv codepath, that doesn't involves GLSL at all. So the lowering is about images following the OpenGL semantics. In any case "brw_nir_lower_opengl_images" seemed too long to me, so I...

Alejandro Piñeiro05/09/2018