Adrián Pérez

Pontevedra (Spain)

I knew about Igalia by some friends which were already working at the company, and I joined the team in June 2008.

Latest Updates

Adrián Pérez 21/10/2017

Web Engines Hackfest, 2017 Edition

At the beginning of October I had the wonderful chance of attending the Web Engines Hackfest in A Coruña, hosted by Igalia. This year we were over 50 participants, which was great to associate even more faces to IRC nick names, but more...

Adrián Pérez 18/08/2016

SnabbWall's Traffic Analyzer: L7Spy

Wow, two posts just a few days apart from each other! Today I am writing about L7Spy, the application from the SnabbWall suite used to analyze network traffic and detect which applications they belong to. SnabbWall is being developed at Igalia...

Adrián Pérez 31/07/2016

ljndpi 0.0.3 released with nDPI 1.8 support

Although I have been away from Snabb-related work for a while, the fact that nDPI 1.8 was released didn't went unnoticed. This library is an important building block for SnabbWall, the Layer-7 firewall which I am developing at Igalia with sponsorship...

Adrián Pérez 26/04/2016

Identifying Layer-7 packet flows in SnabbWall

Spring is here already, the snow has melted a while ago, and it looks like a good time to write a bit about network traffic flows, as promised in my previous post about ljndpi. Why so? Well, looking at network traffic and grouping it into logical streams...


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ostbuild: Make --shell-on-failure flag to work

Fixes an issue which would cause ostbuild to fail to spawn the debug shell and print a traceback instead.

Adrián Pérez04/05/2012

manifest: Fix path of PolicyKit repository

The old path being used is no longer available, making "ostbuild resolve" bail out when trying to clone the repository.

Adrián Pérez22/04/2012

switchroot: Properly check for number of arguments

The ostree-switch-root tool expects three arguments (argc=4): new root, OS tree target, and init(8) binary to launch inside it. Also, the error message when not enough arguments are passed now tells about the second argument being the target OS tree.

Adrián Pérez18/04/2012