Adrián Pérez

Pontevedra (Spain)

I knew about Igalia by some friends which were already working at the company, and I joined the team in June 2008.

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Adrián Pérez 22/09/2018

Comments: Begone!

Starting today, the comments section is not available any more in the articles at the website. The main reason for for taking this decision is that I have never felt particularly comfortable leaving that to a third party service. I have...

Adrián Pérez 21/10/2017

Web Engines Hackfest, 2017 Edition

At the beginning of October I had the wonderful chance of attending the Web Engines Hackfest in A Coruña, hosted by Igalia. This year we were over 50 participants, which was great to associate even more faces to IRC nick names, but more...

Adrián Pérez 18/08/2016

SnabbWall's Traffic Analyzer: L7Spy

Wow, two posts just a few days apart from each other! Today I am writing about L7Spy, the application from the SnabbWall suite used to analyze network traffic and detect which applications they belong to. SnabbWall is being developed at Igalia...

Adrián Pérez 31/07/2016

ljndpi 0.0.3 released with nDPI 1.8 support

Although I have been away from Snabb-related work for a while, the fact that nDPI 1.8 was released didn't went unnoticed. This library is an important building block for SnabbWall, the Layer-7 firewall which I am developing at Igalia with sponsorship...


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Make mklibs-native buildable with GCC 4.7 or newer

+ meta/recipes-devtools/mklibs/files/include-unistd-h.patch m meta/recipes-devtools/mklibs/ Make mklibs-native buildable with GCC 4.7 or newer mklibs needs this small patch in oerder for GCC 4.7 to be able to build...

Adrián Pérez20/07/2012

Make GCC 4.6 buildable using newer GCC versions

m meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/ + meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/gcc-4.6/gengtype-fix-out-of-scope-newv-access.patch Make GCC 4.6 buildable using newer GCC versions GCC 4.6 needs this small patch in order for GCC 4.7 to be able to build...

Adrián Pérez20/07/2012

Add fontconfig trigger

This wil regenerate the fontconfig caches, accounting for modifications in the system font directories.

Adrián Pérez13/06/2012

ostbuild: Fix DB saving with /tmp and builddir in different volumes

This fixes the case where /tmp resides in one volume, and the build directory in a different one: by storing the temporary file in the same directory as the target one, we avoid the case in which os.rename() would cross file system boundaries.

Adrián Pérez26/05/2012

ostree-pull: Fix segfault by initializing pull_data earlier

In the case of not being able to check the repository or not being able to parse command line arguments, attributes from "pull_data" would be used with garbage in them. This patch makes initialization of the sctructure to happen earlier so it is safe to...

Adrián Pérez09/05/2012