Adrián Pérez

Pontevedra (Spain)

I knew about Igalia by some friends which were already working at the company, and I joined the team in June 2008.

Latest Updates

Adrián Pérez 21/05/2019

WPE WebKit 2.24

While WPE WebKit 2.24 has now been out for a couple of months, it includes over a year of development effort since our first official release.

Adrián Pérez 27/01/2019

Web Engines Hackfest 2018 → FOSDEM 2019

The last quarter of 2018 has been a quite hectic one, and every time I had some spare time after the Web Engines Hackfest the prospective of sitting down to write some thoughts about it seemed dreadful. Christmas went by already —two full weeks of...

Adrián Pérez 22/09/2018

Comments: Begone!

Starting today, the comments section is not available any more in the articles at the website. The main reason for for taking this decision is that I have never felt particularly comfortable leaving that to a third party service. I have...

Adrián Pérez 21/10/2017

Web Engines Hackfest, 2017 Edition

At the beginning of October I had the wonderful chance of attending the Web Engines Hackfest in A Coruña, hosted by Igalia. This year we were over 50 participants, which was great to associate even more faces to IRC nick names, but more...


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Track usage of "this" and "arguments" in Scope

Track usage of "this" and "arguments" in Scope This adds flags in Scope to track wheter a Scope uses "this" and, "arguments". The information is exposed via Scope::uses_this(), and Scope::uses_arguments(), respectively. Flags for tracking usage on...

Adrián Pérez16/10/2014

Implement .forEach() on typed arrays

Implement .forEach() on typed arrays BUG=v8:3578 LOG=Y, Review URL: Patch from Adrian Perez de Castro . git-svn-id:...

Adrián Pérez16/10/2014

Clean up manual bit field usage in PreParserExpression

Clean up manual bit field usage in PreParserExpression Instead of using an integer value and manual bit-fiddling, use C++'s support for specifying bit sizes for integral types. This way the bits used to describe a PreParserExpression are handled by...

Adrián Pérez07/10/2014 Fix checks for libarchive

When configuring without passing --enable-triggers-only, checks for libarchive were not being done. Shuffling around the checks solves the issue.

Adrián Pérez28/08/2012

Remove unneeded Autoconf checks

Removed the checks for GIO and the C compiler. As ostbuild is Python, those are not needed.

Adrián Pérez24/08/2012