Antonio Gomes

Manaus (Brazil)

I am passionate about technology, the Open Web, and football (the one played with feet).

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Antonio Gomes 17/05/2017

Chromium Mus/Ozone update (H1/2017): wayland, x11

Since January, Igalia has been working on a project whose goal is to make the latest Chromium Browser able to run natively on Wayland-based environments. The project has various phases, requires us to carve out existing implementations and align our work...

Antonio Gomes 14/11/2016

Chromium, ozone, wayland and beyond

Over the past 2 months my fellow Igalian Fred Wang and I have been working on improving the Wayland support in Chromium. I will be detailing on this post some of the progresses we’ve made and what our next steps are. Background The more...

Antonio Gomes 29/09/2016

Making Chromium’s PDFium greater

One of the coolest things about working at Igalia, is that we have the chance to work on real world problems from day 1, either by improving an existing solution or creating new ones, based on open source technologies. During the past month, I worked on a...

Antonio Gomes 14/06/2016

Understanding Chromium’s runtime ozone platform selection

Requisites For the context of this post, it is assumed a ‘content_shell’ ChromeOS GN build produced with the following commands:   $ gn gen –args=’target_os=”chromeos” use_ozone=true ozone_platform_wayland=true...

Antonio Gomes 18/05/2016

[Chromium] content_shell running on Wayland desktop (Weston Compositor)

During my first weeks at Igalia, I got an interesting and promising task of Understand the status of Wayland support in Chromium upstream. At first I could see clear signs that Wayland is being actively considered by the Chromium community:...


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Use 'delegating constructor' in WindowManagerWindowTreeFactory

Use 'delegating constructor' in WindowManagerWindowTreeFactory The parameters of both ctors are handled the same, except for one parameter. BUG=None Review-Url: Cr-Commit-Position:...

Antonio Gomes24/02/2017

Make DesktopFactoryOzone instances to respect --ozone-platform

Make DesktopFactoryOzone instances to respect --ozone-platform In order to support "use_ozone=1 ichromeos=0" builds, DesktopFactoryOzone class needs to respect the Ozone platform backend that is going to run. For instance, ui::OzonePlatform class (see...

Antonio Gomes17/02/2017

Stub out ScreenManagerOzoneExternal

Stub out ScreenManagerOzoneExternal This is a step forward in order to have mus_demo (//services/ui/demo/) running in "external window mode". In external window mode, the need for a ScreenManager and ScreenManagerDelegate (aka DisplayManager) is...

Antonio Gomes14/02/2017

Rename WindowTreeHostPlatform::window_ to ::platform_window_

Rename WindowTreeHostPlatform::window_ to ::platform_window_ Reason for that is that its parent class (WindowTreeHost) also has a 'window_' member of a different type (aura::Window). Driven by CL to make naming clearer to...

Antonio Gomes09/02/2017

Rename ScreeManagerOzone to ScreenManagerOzoneInternal

Rename ScreeManagerOzone to ScreenManagerOzoneInternal CL renames ScreeManagerOzone to ScreenManagerOzoneInternal, and ScreeManagerStub to ScreenManagerStubInternal to reflect their current 'internal window mode' purposes. Eventually, we will...

Antonio Gomes09/02/2017