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Javier Muñoz 23/03/2018

Ceph RGW/S3 demo container technical notes

Lately I am attending some industry events and talking about technical aspects related to Ceph RGW, Amazon S3, web APIs, etc. In my last talk in LibreCon I missed having some step-by-step technical notes, with focus on these issues, to share with the...

Igalia 22/03/2018

10 years of collaboration with NGOs

A milestone in our commitment to making the world a better place

José Dapena 21/03/2018

Updated Chromium Legacy Wayland Support

Introduction Future Ozone Wayland backend is still not ready for shipping. So we are announcing the release of an updated Ozone Wayland backend for Chromium, based on the implementation provided by Intel. It is rebased on top of latest stable Chromium...

Iago Toral 20/03/2018

Improving shader performance with Vulkan’s specialization constants

For some time now I have been working on and off on a personal project with no other purpose than toying a bit with Vulkan and some rendering and shading techniques. Although I’ll probably write about that at some point, … Continue reading...

Philippe Normand 19/03/2018

GStreamer’s playbin3 overview for application developers

Multimedia applications based on GStreamer usually handle playback with the playbin element. I recently added support for playbin3 in WebKit. This post aims to document the changes needed on application side to support this new generation flavour...

Philippe Normand 18/03/2018

Moving to Pelican

Time for a change! Almost 10 years ago I was starting to hack on a Blog engine with two friends, it was called Alinea and it powered this website for a long time. Back then hacking on your own Blog engine was the pre-requirement to host your blog :) But...

Philippe Normand 18/03/2018

The GNOME-Shell Gajim extension maintenance

Back in January 2011 I wrote a GNOME-Shell extension allowing Gajim users to carry on with their chats using the Empathy infrastructure and UI present in the Shell. For some time the extension was also part of the official gnome-shell-extensions module...

Philippe Normand 18/03/2018

Web Engines Hackfest 2014

Last week I attended the Web Engines Hackfest. The event was sponsored by Igalia (also hosting the event), Adobe and Collabora. As usual I spent most of the time working on the WebKitGTK+ GStreamer backend and Sebastian Dröge kindly joined and...

Igalia 15/03/2018

Igalia at the GDC conference in San Francisco

Interested in Vulkan and OpenGL? Reach out to us

Igalia 12/03/2018

Igalia at the Embedded Linux Conference in Portland

Sponsor for the fourth year in a row!