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Igalia 04/06/2018

The 23rd biannual Igalia Summit

Igalia celebrates all-hands event that takes place every 6 months

Maksim Sisov 29/05/2018

Chromium with Ozone/Wayland: BlinkOn9, dmabuf and more refactorings…

It has been quite a long while since we wrote blogs about our Chromium Ozone/Wayland effort, and there are a lot of news right now. Igalia participated in the BlinkOn9 conference and gave a talk ( about the...

Michael Catanzaro 28/05/2018

Thoughts on Flatpak after four months of Epiphany Technology Preview

It’s been four months since I announced Epiphany Technology Preview — which I’ve been using as my main browser ever since — and five months since I announced the availability of a stable channel via Flatpak. For the most part,...

Jessica Tallon 16/05/2018

IPFIX Performance

Continue readingIPFIX Performance

Igalia 14/05/2018

Igalia will attend RIPE 76 meeting

Diego Pino will deliver a talk on Thursday!

Javier Muñoz 14/05/2018

Attending Panda Security Summit 2018

This Friday 18th I will be attending the Panda Security Summit 2018, the first cybersecurity summit organized by Panda Security. This will be my second event of the week in Madrid, the day before I will be attending the AWS Summit Madrid. The Panda...

Javier Muñoz 14/05/2018

Attending AWS Summit Madrid 2018

This Thursday 17th I will be attending the AWS Summit Madrid. This third edition is celebrated in IFEMA, the Trade Fair Institution of Madrid with more than 35 sessions planned in 7 parallel tracks. If you are attending the event and would like to chat...

Igalia 09/05/2018

Another Igalian onboard!

Welcome to Igalia Rob!

Iago Toral 07/05/2018

Intel Mesa Vulkan driver now supports shaderInt16

The Vulkan specification includes a number of optional features that drivers may or may not support, as described in chapter 30.1 Features. Application developers can query the driver for supported features via vkGetPhysicalDeviceFeatures() and then...

Samuel Iglesias 30/04/2018

Ubucon Europe 2018 experience and talk slides!

Last weekend I attended Ubucon Europe 2018 in the city center of Gijón, Spain, at the Antiguo Instituto. This 3-day conference was full of talks, sometimes 3 or even 4 at the same time! The covered topics went from Ubuntu LoCo teams to Industrial...