Communications and marketing manager

Igalia is seeking to hire a person to take charge of our public communications and as well as our marketing activities. This person will contribute in a decisive way to build the Igalia public identity and to increase the visibility of all our activity.

Job position description

Igalia is highly dynamic company where every employee has the chance to develop new skills over time. The main tasks for this position are:

  • Manage Igalia communications in social networks, press and other media.

  • Write different types of corporate content like news items, articles, interviews, blog posts, etc.

  • Create content for the Igalia web site as well as for other web sites related to Igalia activities.

  • Launch new marketing material and keep updated the existing one.

  • Collaborate on the development of the Igalia merchandising plan and handling of this material.

  • Participate on the design of Igalia presence at events like congresses, shows, conferences.

  • Propose new communication actions and marketing campaigns: fund raising projects, etc.

  • Writing technical documentation.

  • Collaborate in the corporate social responsibility area.


There are multiple paths which qualify candidates for this position. We feel that having knowledge/education in marketing and communication, technical background in software development as well as being familiar about open-source can help in the candidate-position match. However, there are not anything like mandatory requirements.

Other skills that are useful for the position are:

  • Communication and presentation skills in both written and spoken English.

  • Active presence in social media.

  • Social skills.

  • Explanatory capacity.

  • Ability to synthesize and having an analytical mindset.

  • Capacity to learn complex domains.

  • Understanding the IT market.

  • Organizational skills.

Work environment

Igalia is a worker-owned, employee-run company with 16 years of experience building open source software across a wide range of exciting fields. We work on the core of such widely-deployed projects as the WebKit and Blink browser engines, the Mesa graphics drivers, the V8 and JavaScriptCore language runtimes, and the GStreamer multimedia toolkit. We are also at the cutting edge of high-speed software-defined networking with our work on Snabb Switch. At Igalia, you can develop your career in a unique environment, participating equally in the management of the company via our democratic, consensus-based assembly structure.

Igalia is a remote-friendly working environment, enabling employees all over the world to participate fully in the company culture. Our team includes employees based in Asia, Europe and the Americas, spanning across timezones and cultures.

One of the core principles of Igalia is equality, so we feel a deep and continual obligation to acknowledge and counter the structural discrimination that permeates our industry and our world. In a practical sense this means that we use principles of diversity and inclusion to help shape company policy and to maintain a safe and just work environment. We also feel that one of the best ways to accomplish these goals is to grow and maintain the diversity of Igalia itself. We welcome applicants regardless of their age, disability, gender, race, marital status, religion, sexual orientation or whatever type of systemic discrimination that they have faced.

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