Linux Kernel

Igalia has years of experience on developing, maintaining and porting Linux device drivers for different types of hardware working together with upstream community.

The Linux kernel plays a  critical role in the performance and reliability of many consumer  electronics and industrial solutions that have become a fundamental part  of modern life. Ensuring the kernel you ship meets the requirements of  your underlying hardware platform is key to your product's success.

Igalia has a team of engineers specialized in the Linux kernel who offer consultancy in the following areas:

  • Developing new Linux-based solutions.
  • Integrating and customising existing solutions.
  • Writing, porting and maintaining drivers either upstream or in your private repositories.
  • Providing technical advice and identifying best practices.
  • Assisting with the upstreaming process.

  • Linux
  • Kernel
  • Drivers
  • Hardware

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Linux kernel support for Industrial Hardware
Alberto García at LinuxCon
Alberto García at LinuxCon



Great work done by Miguel #igalia #kernel #drivers http://t.co/M60m5IYE at 10:09 Dec 12th 2012 by Samuel Iglesias

Miguel Gómez 11/12/2012

4th generation Classmate PC: accelerometer and extra keys support

The Intel Classmate PC is a netbook created by Intel that falls into the category of low-cost personal computers, whose target are the children in the developing world. We have some of those laptops at Igalia, concretely 4th generation ones, due to the...

Samuel Iglesias 01/12/2012

7th White Rabbit workshop

This week I traveled to Madrid where the 7th White Rabbit workshop was held. It was a two day event where the White Rabbit community presented all the latest development efforts, installations, the White Rabbit standardization process and much more. It...

Miguel Gómez 28/11/2012

Continuous integration and testing, driver development and virtual hardware: the FMC TDC experience

Anyone who has been contributing to the development of drivers for the Linux Kernel is, for sure, familiar with a set of problems that arise during the process: The testing environment hangs when testing the changes, and you have to reset again and again...

Alberto García 28/11/2012

QEMU and open hardware: SPEC and FMC TDC

Working with open hardware Some weeks ago at LinuxCon EU in Barcelona I talked about how to use QEMU to improve the reliability of device drivers. At Igalia we have been using this for some projects. One of them is the Linux IndustryPack driver. For this...