Linux Kernel

Igalia has years of experience on developing, maintaining and porting Linux device drivers for different types of hardware working together with upstream community.

The Linux kernel plays a  critical role in the performance and reliability of many consumer  electronics and industrial solutions that have become a fundamental part  of modern life. Ensuring the kernel you ship meets the requirements of  your underlying hardware platform is key to your product's success.

Igalia has a team of engineers specialized in the Linux kernel who offer consultancy in the following areas:

  • Developing new Linux-based solutions.
  • Integrating and customising existing solutions.
  • Writing, porting and maintaining drivers either upstream or in your private repositories.
  • Providing technical advice and identifying best practices.
  • Assisting with the upstreaming process.

  • Linux
  • Kernel
  • Drivers
  • Hardware

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Linux kernel support for Industrial Hardware
Alberto García at LinuxCon
Alberto García at LinuxCon


Javier Muñoz 20/12/2013

On Technology of Controls for Accelerators and Detectors

As a result of our work in the Kernel and Virtualization team here in Igalia, Samuel and I were invited to take part at the first conference on control system's technologies used by High Energy Physics facilities. This event was hosted in the National...

Samuel Iglesias 13/12/2013

AIME on Technology of Controls for Accelerators and Detectors

Last week, Javier Muñoz and myself attended the conference HEPTech Academia – Industry Matching Event on Technology of Controls for Accelerators and Detectors, which was hosted at DEMOKRITOS, Athens. The target of this event was to have Academia...


New link: http://t.co/wzvonRNn1u #igalia #kernel #drivers at 11:47 May 14th 2013 by Samuel Iglesias


I wrote a little introduction to Direct Rendering Manager in the Linux kernel http://t.co/xYHIvaDvdm #igalia #kernel #drivers at 08:20 May 14th 2013 by Samuel Iglesias

Samuel Iglesias 08/05/2013

Introduction to Linux Graphics drivers: DRM

Linux support for graphics cards are very important for desktop and mobile users: they want to run games, composite their applications and have a nice and modern user experience. So it’s usual that all the eyes are on this area when you want to...