Linux Kernel

Igalia has years of experience on developing, maintaining and porting Linux device drivers for different types of hardware working together with upstream community.

The Linux kernel plays a  critical role in the performance and reliability of many consumer  electronics and industrial solutions that have become a fundamental part  of modern life. Ensuring the kernel you ship meets the requirements of  your underlying hardware platform is key to your product's success.

Igalia has a team of engineers specialized in the Linux kernel who offer consultancy in the following areas:

  • Developing new Linux-based solutions.
  • Integrating and customising existing solutions.
  • Writing, porting and maintaining drivers either upstream or in your private repositories.
  • Providing technical advice and identifying best practices.
  • Assisting with the upstreaming process.

  • Linux
  • Kernel
  • Drivers
  • Hardware

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Linux kernel support for Industrial Hardware
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Alberto García at LinuxCon


Víctor Jáquez 07/12/2017

Enabling HuC for SKL/KBL in Debian/testing

Recently, our friend Florent complained that it was impossible to set a constant bitrate when encoding H.264 using low-power profile with gstreamer-vaapi . Low-power (LP) profiles are VA-API entry points, available in Intel SkyLake-based procesor and...

Eduardo Lima 06/10/2016

Example: Run an OpenGL (ES) compute shader on a DRM render-node

It has been a long time indeed since my last entry here. But I have actually been quite busy on a new adventure: graphics driver development. Two years ago I started contributing to Mesa, mostly to the Intel i965 backend, as a member of the Igalia...

Carlos López 28/10/2015

Introducing the meta-webkit Yocto layer.

Lately I have been learning to use Yocto / OpenEmbedded to create custom distributions and products targeting different embedded hardware. One of the goals was to create a Kiosk-like browser that was based on a modern Web engine, light (specially...

Diego Pino 15/10/2015

Multicore architectures and CPU affinity

One of the first attempts by Intel to parallelize processing was hyper-threading, a technology that debuted in Xeon in 2002 and later that year in Pentium 4. A single CPU with hyper-threading appears as two logical CPUs to the Operating System....

Diego Pino 15/10/2015

Multicore architectures and CPU affinity

Lately I have working in Snabb Switch as part of the networking team we have in Igalia. Snabb Switch is a kernel by-pass software switch that talks directly to 10-Gbps network cards. This allows Snabb Switch to manipulate packets are at speed rate the...