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GStreamer Developer

We are looking for developers to work on GStreamer, as both a user of the API, and a contributor to the internals of the framework.

Job position description

Igalia is the main maintainer of the GStreamer ports of WebKit used in Linux browsers on desktops as well as on a plethora of embedded devices. We implement and maintain technologies such as WebRTC, MediaSource Extensions, WebAudio, HLS, DASH and hardware decoding and encoding inside WebKit using GStreamer.

We are also maintainers of the GStreamer framework itself and work on related projects such as GStreamer Editing Services – which provides the backend of video editing tools such as Pitivi and GStreamer vaapi elements – which enable hardware-accelerated decoding and encoding in a variety of applications and devices.

We’re looking for developers to help us grow in these areas, supporting the team with maintenance and implementation of new features. We don’t keep improvements to ourselves, so developers will also need to be comfortable contributing to upstream open source projects, and explaining their changes to the community. Any Rust experience would also be appreciated.

If you have previous experience contributing to open source, make sure to mention some of the projects you have collaborated with in your application.

If you have experience in multimedia with frameworks other than GStreamer, such as ffmpeg, we also have a generic Multimedia developer role you can apply for.

At Igalia, we provide a remote-friendly, collaborative and supportive environment driven by principles of diversity and inclusion. Shaped by our values, Igalia has a flat, cooperative structure.

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