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Full Stack Software Developer

Job position description

At Igalia we are looking to hire a developer to join the team that is in charge of creating new software tools, as well as maintaining and evolving existing ones. The environment for these tools will be GNU/Linux and most of them will be web applications, although occasionally they may be systems or desktop applications, and script automations as well. Accordingly, having a broad software development background is desirable.

This role also involves deploying and setting up integrations between services, and the developer performing it will apply occassionally DevOps, GitOps and Infrastructure as a Code practices.

The tools we maintain exist as open-source projects; therefore, we will expect candidates to be comfortable working in an open-source environment, including being comfortable communicating and working in public, and have a strong understanding of version control systems.

Good communication abilities are key, since the role will entail working with various teams within Igalia, depending on the application involved. At the same time, in this role it is expected that the developer is able to define their own schedule, monitor themselves not to lose track of the global goals, and self-learn what is required to do the different tasks along the way.

We welcome and encourage applicants from a diverse background to apply. It is not required to have related previous experience: what is most important is a motivation to carry out this work.

At Igalia, we provide a remote-friendly, collaborative and supportive environment driven by principles of diversity and inclusion. Shaped by our values, Igalia has a flat, cooperative structure.

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