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Core Engineer

At Igalia, we are looking to hire an engineer for our Core Team.

Job position description

Members of our Core Team take part in a great variety of tasks ranging from supporting the development and integration of the work done by other teams inside Igalia to carrying out their own projects around customization of Linux distributions, to mention a few.

While there are no hard technical requirements, candidates should be organized and flexible enough to adapt to different areas of work. Additionally, Free Software and upstream contributions are important to us, so we also collaborate in the Open Source communities contributing our work upstream as much as we can.

Projects carried out by the team make use of a diverse number of programming languages. Often, interpreted languages like Python, JS or shell scripting carry a heavier weight but coding in C and C++ will be frequent, as well as debugging code written in any of these languages.

A typical case for a project carried out by the Core Team would involve work with embedded devices. Teams often require custom configurations of the Linux kernel for prototype hardware. Additionally, knowledge of building a distribution from scratch and the different packaging systems used by the distributions, including the universal packaging formats, would come in handy. It would also help being familiar with init systems, sandboxing, build toolchains, cross-compilation and the different build automation utilities, like Autotools, Meson or CMake.

Another typical case would involve the implementation of a Continuous Integration system, possibly built on top of an existing CI platform. Usually, that would involve making use of a wide range of technologies like containers, microservices, orchestration systems, object stores and integration with other Cloud services and providers.


  • Igalians can work from anywhere in the world.
  • Igalians design their own schedule to work during the time of day that is best for them.
  • Igalians share responsibilities and receive equal pay.
  • Igalians learn to navigate the company with a mentor.
  • Igalians care about collaboration, not internal competition.
  • Igalians collaborate in person. We hold annual company-wide retreats to foster in-person connections and team integration.
  • Igalians choose which work place is right for them. Igalia provides a budget to fund a co-working space, or to help run a home office.
  • Igalians purchase hardware they need. Every Igalian has access to a recurring budget to spend on work-related equipment.
  • Igalians recharge with paid time off. Igalians have 7 weeks (35 days) of paid time off per year to use as they wish on vacations and national holidays.
  • Igalians spend time with their new baby. Igalians who are new parents receive 8 weeks of paid parental leave.

At Igalia, we provide a remote-friendly, collaborative and supportive environment driven by principles of diversity and inclusion. Shaped by our values, Igalia has a flat, cooperative structure.

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